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Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Boring Eye Blog

Today was a very bad contacts day. Not human contacts, but those little plastic discs that I pop in my eyes. I have the monovision lenses so the left eye is for reading, and the right for seeing distances. The reading lens must have been in backwards or something because the whole day my eyes felt like they were full of fur!! And I couldn't see very well. Compound that with a huge data entry project that we're trying to get done and it's a recipe for a very long day. I kept using eye drops hoping that would help. It would for a few minutes, but it also removed most of my eye makeup which is not a good thing! I finally found my magnifying glass to help me through the rest of the project.

My eyesight started to falter around the age of 40. Suddenly my arms seemed to short! I got my first pair of glasses just after turning 40 - for reading only. I only used them at work because I could still see somewhat without them. Until the fateful day that I made baking powder biscuits - but used baking SODA instead because I couldn't see the recipe that well. Have you ever eaten a baking soda biscuit??? It takes like an Alka Seltzer covered with flour. From that day forward, I wore my reading glasses all the time.

Then, by the age of 47, the distance vision started to go. I really noticed it when I'd walk down the halls at work and someone would be waving to me or saying hi, and I had no idea who it was. Okay, you can always fake it and just wave and smile. But when the guy is really waving at the person behind you, and, in fact, doesn't even know you - well, that's a tough one to pull off. So I graduated to bifocals.

Within a few more years, I went a step further to progressive trifocals. Those worked great with computers, but not so good when walking down stairs (or stumbling down stairs as was usually the case). So I finally bit the bullet and went for the contacts. Of course, having only two eyes, I had to give up the middle vision. And distance vision with contacts is not nearly as good as with glasses. But I can recognize the person in the hallway a little sooner and I don't have to worry about losing my glasses. It's worth a little furry eye syndrome every now and then.

Getting old is truly a joy...................

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Jenni said...

Fur in your eyes? Ack! I love the description of your baking soda biscuits - Alka Setlzers covers in flour. Yummy!