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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Quick, Where's the Volume Control??

OK, I admit it - I'm scared!

My husband, Ed, decided we needed a home theater system. Not sure why - but it has something to do with having a lot of speakers and wires. Since our primary tv is in the living room, I've tried to gently let him know that it better not end up looking like a dang media room! I mean, who needs home theater sound to watch Law & Order and the cooking channel!

Oh, oh - I hear a drill.........

Part of this project is to slightly "remodel" our current tv cabinet because apparently some of the new equipment doesn't quite fit. There are glass doors on the unit and two mid-point shelves inside with a wood panel separating them. All very nice and tidy. All uniform. But, soon, one of those shelves will be a little shorter and one of them a little longer (not sure how he's going to pull THAT one off!). The middle panel will be moved 1-2 inches to the left side. I lovingly asked how the shelf that is 19 inches will fit in the 21 inch space - but, alas, I didn't ask the question lovingly enough because I got a glare. I thought it was an honest question. He said he was going to stack pieces of wood on the bottom shelf to hold the middle shelf in place. Seeing the horrified look on my face, he took it back.

Just heard a "Damn, it!"

So now we have to re-arrange our video cabinet to allow for more videos due to lack of space in the tv cabinet which is being taken up by a woofer or tweeter or something like that. Oh, yes, there is also a black box that allows us to have wireless speakers in the back of the room. Of course there are numerous wires attaching the rear speakers to the aforementioned black box. And I think this will mean there will be lovely black speakers handing on the wall behind the couch. Can you even begin to tell how thrilled I am by all of this.

By the way, the "back of the room" is actually right behind the couch where we sit - so I'm suspecting that the rear speakers will be within inches of our ears. Oh happy day.

Loud noise followed by "Crap!"

So, soon we'll have five extra speakers in our living room along with the black box. We can make the walls shake while watching CSI. Please pinch me so I know I'm not dreaming.

Fade out to sounds of sawing....................


Jenni said...

Oh good lord.... What is it with men and their speakers?!

ira said...

lol! :) Boys toys! they all ought to have a home theatre! Its like the breathtaking black heals with black dress we girls ought to have!!
Best of luck!
Hey! Why dont you ask him for a little something *little? :)* for yourself too!;)

Wendy said...

Why do men think they can mess up our decorating with their audio visual equipment?

Kathy said...

i hope your home is still in one piece.
Just let him know that you'll be wanting to watch Titanic, The Notebook and 13 Going on 30 as soon as he's done in there!
Enjoy your movies!

: )

Desert Diva said...

Men seem to love to assemble new "toys," it's in their genes.

However, I bet it does sound fantastic!

Arlene said...

Oh no, not a dream, but the sounds of a man (insert growling and scratching) being a man! Hahaha, good luck!!!!!