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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Time to brighten things up

Thought it was time to change the look of my blog. So, with the help of my daughter (actually, she did 80% of it!), we finally got it done. The photo is the basil plant in my backyard with a few thyme flowers and a sage leaf or two peeking through.

This photo is Jenni after she questioned the zoom abiity of my camera. Turned out to be a great shot.

Thanks, Jenni, for helping me with the blog, teaching me some HTML, and putting up with all my phone calls today!


Catheroo said...

Ooh, I love the new header!
And NICE zoom! What a sweet picture of Jenni too.

kathy said...

I love it!
Nice picture of Jenni.
I want help too!

Desert Diva said...

Wow, very nice - I'm impressed... Great photo of Jenni too!

Sandi said...

Jenni rents out pretty cheap for blog design!

Wendy said...

Great new header! It's nice to have a little change now and then.

Susie said...

Looks great! :)