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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Do I say thank you or WTF??

So, if you go to the hospital cafeteria to get breakfast and someone behind you in line says, "Have you done something different to your hair or anything? You really look nice!" Is that a compliment or a retroactive insult?!?!? That just happened to me.

Reminds me of a time when I worked for the City of Tucson back in the late 1960's. A woman in my department (who was probably 55 at the time - which was old to me!) came into the office laughing and saying she didn't know if she'd just be complimented or not. Apparently a little boy in the elevator with her kept looking at her and finally said, "I bet when you were young you were pretty!"



Jenni said...

Ha! Not sure how you respond to that one.

It reminds me of Eamon saying, "I like your butt Mama. It's so BIG!"

Desert Diva said...

You know some people just say whatever comes into their minds, never considering how it may be interpreted. I'd take it as a compliment!

Wendy said...

Cracking up at Jenni's comment...I've had the same one from my little guy.

I don't know how you take that! I would have just said thanks and moved on.