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Sunday, September 16, 2007

And the winner of the not-the-best mother of the year award - that would be me!

I'm a very bad mother. My kids had a birthday last week and I didn't even blog about it! Their birthday was on September 12th, but we had celebrated on the 9th at my house. Then I babysat for Jenni on the 12th, and was busy the other nights and never got around to writing anything. Mea Culpa.

My kids didn't actually arrive in a box, and they were much younger when I gave birth, but this was one of their favorite hangouts at the age of 18 months. One thing every parent learns early on is that the presents are often less exciting to kids than the box and paper those presents came in. Until, of course, the age of 5 or so when the actual presents counts for everything!

This picture is my little angels kissing on their second birthday. I've always loved this photo - in fact it was on our Christmas cards that year. I think this was the last time they were able to get this close to each other without fighting - but it was a wonderful sight while it lasted.

On Jenni and Joe's first birthday we had white cake with chocolate frosting (that's still the favorite for all three of us). I waited and waited to get photos of the kids with chocolate frosting all over their face. But, as usual, they wouldn't cooperate. They chose that day to eat neatly! Hadn't happened before and hasn't happened since. So I finally got tired of waiting, stuck my fingers in the frosting and wiped it on their surprised faces. My mom was a bit shocked, too. But I had to get the photo! It was a rite of passage.

As they grew up they just got cuter and cuter (okay, I admit it, I'm prejudiced...). This photo is at my sister'wedding. They were waiting outside to throw rice (which was still legal back then). It's hard to believe I put Joe in that awful suit, but there it is.

Here they are on the first day of 7th grade - Junior High! Looks like Jenni has a death grip on her brother to get him to take the picture. Joe had scratched his cornea so had to start the new year with a huge patch over his eye. He was very unhappy about this, but I told him that the girls would probably all want to take care of him and think he looked very exotic. He was the hit of his classroom.

I was very lucky because Joe and Jen have always been close and sibling rivalry was kept to a minimum. Not that it didn't occur! But it would pass fairly quickly. They became very cool teenagers most of the time. Here we have them eating happily together - Joe with his mullet and head band, Jenni with her pizza.
Now they're adults with spouses and families of their own. It's an amazing thing to have adult children. They become your friends, but they are always still your babies. The worrying about them never stops, wanting to fix everything for them never stops, and god knows the loving them never stops.


From finding out AFTER waking up from my C-Section that I had twins - to them playing in a box - to the mullet and braces days - to marriage and kids. The last 34 years have flown by. I still have dreams of them as little kids, running up to me with their arms open saying "Mommy". They don't do that anymore - they'd probably knock me down if they did! But when I look into their eyes, I still see my beautiful little babies.
I love you, Jenni and Joe - Happy Belated Birthday~!!!


Desert Diva said...

I disagree that you wouldn't be "mother of the year." What a wonderful progression of watching your children grow into adults. I know you are so very proud of them!

Halfmexican Mama said...

Happy belated Joe and Jen!! You have beautiful children and you tell the stories so well, I hope I can do the same for mine when they are older...Have a good week Sandi!

Jenni said...

Thanks mom! I forgot to blog about ou birthday to! Maybe I'll just link people to this post. :)

Fleur de Lisa said...

Hi Sandi! I'm glad you popped over to my site via Desert Diva. :-) You have two very lovely kids-- you should be proud!

I remember when my son loved playing in cardboard boxes like that too.

Wendy said...

What a sweet post! I can't imagine waking up to find there were two babies born instead of just one! What a shock! I am not looking forward to the day when Jayke stops calling me mommy. He sometimes calls me mom now but it is Mommy most of the time.

Maggie said...

That had to be a shocker when you came to after your C. It looks like it was a wonderful surprise, though. I know Jen is pretty awesome -- I can only assume Joe is too.

Jeff's Place said...

Looks like you have two adorable kids...ah adults...ah kids! You know what I mean!!
Jenni & Joe also have a great mom!!!! :)

Jeff (Friend of Jenni's)

Arlene said...

What a seriously sweet post, and no one would EVER in a million years think you WEREN'T mom of the year, late post or not!
I love all the pictures, and I really think the mullet is my fav!!

Scoobers said...

I love this post!
Did you have that picture of J&J kissing framed in your house at one time? I remember it.

MMrussianadoption said...

I love the montage of pictures. You must be very proud of them. Who knows, in 32 years, I may be posting these kinds of pictures of my virtual twins.