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Monday, September 10, 2007

Luckily the day ended better than it started

Monday is not my favorite day. I started getting semi-depressed around 2pm on Sunday knowing that I have to go to work the next day. But I usually can get up (with only mild cussing) and get ready to tackle yet another week. Most of my morning routine is robotic in nature – and heaven forbid if any one step is forgotten or done out of sequence. The whole day usually goes to hell in a handbasket when that happens (and exactly what does that phrase mean, anyway?!?!?).

Well, today’s morning routine did not go well. I’ve been having some mild allergies with lots of itchy eyes. So while I was in the shower I was rubbing my eyes a bit and enjoying every minute of it. Then suddenly the contact lens in my left eye shifted. Aack! Ouch! Good grief! It didn't fall out, oh no, that would have been too easy. It stayed in but moved and was starting to hurt. So I had to quickly finish the shower, rinse my hair, dry off and put on my wrap all with one eye closed. Now, my balance isn't the greatest in the world on a good day, but with one eye closed, it's pathetic. I tried to open my eye, but it still hurt. I was sure the lens had crawled up into corner of my upper eyelid. I just love it when that happens. I tried rubbing the eye gently, but no luck. I tried to take the contact out, but couldn't find it and didn't want to pull the whole eyeball out. I tried to look for it with a magnifying mirror, but since it was my close-up lens I couldn't see a damn thing.

Then I thought, hey, it isn't hurting as much any more. Maybe it came out. Of course, I wouldn't be able to see it anywhere, but it's possible that it came out. I blinked - aarrgghh, there it was. Still nestled in the top of my eye. I gently rubbed the eyelid a little more and the pain stopped. By this time I didn't really know where the heck the lens was, or if it was even still in my eye, and I was tempted to just put in another one. Maybe the eye hurts because I keep picking at it. But if the first one was still there - it would not be pretty.

So, I did what any strong, independent, straight-thinking woman would do. I called my husband at work and asked him to come home to help me find it! Luckily his office is very close so he was home in a minute. He got the flashlight and was trying to look in my eye from all angles. Now Ed is a total wimp when it comes to people getting hurt, or putting anything in their eyes. He walks out of the bathroom when I put eyedrops in. So this was quite an event for him. I rolled the eye all around while he inspected. He kept making these gutteral sounds and was not enjoying this at all. Finally he thought he saw it up under the eyelid. I was so frustrated by this time, but I started gently rubbing again. Being the avid internet researcher that he is, Ed Googled "lens stuck in eye" or something like that to see if there was any advice. All he found was, "rub the eyelid gently....."

He came back in the bathroom and tried to look again. I gave it one more rub and he turned on the flashlight. The lens moved - it started to come out. He shouted "There it is - I see it!" As it started to come out I reached up to grab it. By this time Ed was doing a little hop backing away from me and trying not to watch me stick my fingers in my eye. After he went back to work, I put the new lens in and got to the task of getting ready for work. Of course, by this time my hair had partially dried (which is not a good thing) so I had total hair &^$%^@!! all day. And my eye was red and swollen so it looked like I had been crying - but only with one eye.

Did I mention that I don't like Mondays??


Scoobers said...

owie! i am so thankful i have not had the contact lens experience.
i thank my dad for that one.

i'm glad you found it!
nice job, ed!

Wendy said...

I asked my eye doctor once if it could really get lost in there and he said no. I've done this many times and yes, it does hurtf! We had a bad day today too. Must be going around.

Chris said...

Ouch, yes, Monday was not very kind to you. Better luck for the rest of the week. Ha Ha

Halfmexican Mama said...

well see the way I look at it is that going to hell in a handbasket is worse cause you have the flammage of the basket burning you PLUS the normal fiery flames as well...makes the fire all the more fierce!

Jenni said...

Ouch! I can just picture Eddo doing his little hop dance backwards as you dug your fingers into your eye. Poor guy. Sounds like his Monday didn't start off very well either since he had to leave the comforts of work to come home and look up his wife's eyelid.