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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Some things I learned over the weekend

From my father-in-law - When you're driving somewhere and your father-in-law is following you, and he drives REAL slow, and you have to try to not go through any yellow lights or you'll lose him, and your car idles faster than he drives, and other drivers are starting to glare - you get a huge cramp in your leg from keeping it an inch off the accelerator.

From my son-in-law - Be sure to take your thumb OUT of the drawer before slamming the drawer shut in a manly way.

From my husband - When you test the sprinkler system and one of them isn't working, don't take a screwdriver and unclog it with your head only inches from said sprinkler which may suddenly become unclogged and - well, you can guess the rest.

From my grandson - When your five year old grandson is dressed in his new Knight costume with full armor, including sword, shield, body armor, helmet and face plate, and a little two year old is battling him with the plastic sheath from the sword and your poor grandson is being backed into the corner of the bathroom - help the danged kid out!!

From my son - When you have Lasik surgery and want to tell everyone how they sliced into your eye and you couldn't see for a few seconds and your eyes burned afterwards and you have to wear goggles to bed for a few weeks - don't do it in front of my husband who totally does not like pain and does his little hopping backward step to try to get the visuals out of his mind.

From my daughter - When you have a house full of people coming over for a birthday party, and you're rushing around doing last minute prep, and the kids are driving you crazy, and you're hoping one decides to come early, and you were assuming your husband was buying the veggie platter - don't wait until one hour before the party to find out he forgot!

From my grandaughter - Be sure to take your shoes off before going up the stairs or Mama and Papa may give me a time out. Since they go by age, mine time out would be a while friggin' hour! Actually with a good book and a glass of wine that may not be half bad....

Yes, it was a productive and educational weekend.


A Special Family said...

Sounds like pretty great lessons to me :)

Fleur de Lisa said...

I especially love the one about your time out being an hour! Of course, a time out sounds nice to me. Just sit and do nothing. ;)

Desert Diva said...

I'm with your hubby regarding the graphic details of the Lasik surgery - too much information...