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Thursday, October 25, 2007

You know that box of stuff you always see people on tv hauling out when they leave a job??

Well, I exposed the innards of my purse a few days ago, so it seemed fitting that I do the same for my office. Since I'm retiring in less than 100 days (YIPPEE!), I've been looking around my office to see what I'll pitch, what I'll leave behind, and what will take the retirement journey with me. There are a few special objects that have been with me for many years and in many offices - no chance I'll get rid of them any time soon. Since our network was done for a few hours today, it seemed like a good time to take some photos.

This is a rock named "Blue" that Jenni made for me many moons ago. Pretty sure it was in elementary school (hopefully it wasn't in college!!). She may be able to tell us the significance of the drawings. I just know it's been in my office since the day she brought it home.

My son was also creative. This is a little wooden car he made in junior high shop class. I asked him if the wires were supposed to be gears or something. He said, no, he just found them on the shop floor and thought they were cool so stuck them on his car. That's my boy. He also made this little wooden bat which resides in the cup with my pens and pencils. Notice how cleverly I put a pen next to it so you could detect the size.

Jenni used to work in an office across the street from me so we saw each other every day. I loved it. When she quit to begin her teaching career, she left me this little gift to get me through frustrating situations. I've threatened to use it many times.

Not to be outdone, my dad gave this to me when I first came to my current job. It's called a Dammit Doll and you're supposed to bang it on the desk or chair to relieve stress. While I've been tempted to bang it on a few heads, I've mostly kept it as decoration.

And, finally, from my Mom. She didn't exactly give this to me. But when she passed away 14 years ago I went to her office in Tucson and found this on her desk. I don't know the story behind it or if it had any special meaning to her. Except for the rose. Her name was Rosemarie and people often gave her things with roses on them. Whether or not this was special to her, it is extremely special to me and has been with me since that day.

So, wherever I wind up after February 1st, these items will be tagging along with me. They all bring smiles to my face and keep my family close.


Chris said...

Such cute little items. I would love the stress doll.
The more important question is: What will you do with yourself all day? I mean when you retire.

Sandi said...

I actually have so much planned that I'm hoping I'll have some spare time. I mean, that was the whole point!

Desert Diva said...

I especially liked the picture of the toy that Jenni left you to "keep some people in line." You're going to have a wonderful retirement!

Scoobers said...


i remember those cars we made in Mr Schrader's class! my parents have mine.
And the note from Jenni- she drew a happy face we created in jr high and i believe it's name... was DOOKIE!!!

: )

Jenni said...

I have no idea what the significance behind the BLUE drawings is. I just remember that I found the rock while we were walking through a desert (with girl scouts, I think) and I loved it because it was blue (my favorite color at the time). I may have put an eye on it to make it a "pet rock." Your very own cyclops rock!

Good ol' Blue.

ira said...

I just noticed, you've knocked me out of your blog roll??