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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Gimme a sign, any sign....

I love Fall with all the colors, the spice and pumpkin scented candles, all my fall decorations around the house and on our porch. But, it's now time to move on to Christmas decorations. In case I had any doubt, this is one of the pumpkins on my front porch. You know, the kind your thumb goes through when you try to pick it up? Definitely a job for Ed - I mean, he is the "man" of the house.

I guess this is better than the one last year that actually oozed all the way down the step. The aforementioned "man" did a lot of grumbling while cleaning the porch off. I don't imagine he'll be too thrilled with this sight, either. Maybe if I put on some Christmas music it'll soften him up!

By the way, Ed and I have been elfed. (thankfully there is an "l" in that word). It's a bit pathetic, but what the heck. It's the season!



Jenni said...

Yes, that pumpkin is definitely past it's prime. Have Ed take care of the squishy one on the mantle too. :)

A Special Family said...

eeewwww re the pumpkin!

ha ha re te elf!

Fleur de Lisa said...

You two look great as elves!

It time to say goodbye to that squishy pumpkin. Glad Ed is there to do it. :)

Angeline said...

What an elves! Sooooo cute!!! Love it! Gonna try putting my boys photo up too, so that they can see themselves dancing to the jingle bells song..

Thanks for the great tip!

Scoobers said...

The squishy one. hehe.

Hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving, Sandi.

Chris said...

What does elfed mean? Hopefully, it is a very good thing. Ha Ha