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Monday, November 19, 2007

Guess I'll never be First Lady

I read somewhere this weekend that it's unlikely a bald man can win the Presidential election. Apparently big hair counts at the polls! The article noted that an exception was made for Dwight Eisenhower due to Yul Brynner being so popular at the time. That's good - I love that people vote with such intense evaluation of the candidates.

Decided not to tell Ed about this. Not that he has aspiration of being President, but he hates being bald and there's no point in giving him one more reason to feel that way. Of course, it probably doesn't help when he says "I need to comb my hair" and I respond with "Which one?!?" I crack myself up, him - not so much.

Personally, as long as a man's hair is clean and not bright orange, how much he has doesn't matter much to me. I mean, look at Skinner on X-Files! And Ted Danson before he got plugs. And Sean Connery. Ed's in good company. But I'll never convince him of that.


Fleur de Lisa said...

I think that a man looks better when he embraces his baldness. The comb-over is horrid. I don't mind bald heads at all. I mean, look at Sean Connery or Patrick Stewart.

Just Laura said...

Oooh... good choices lisa. Bald men are very sexy.

However, sorry about your chances at first lady. But think about it... what an incredible job to have!

A Special Family said...

I love bald men :)
I'd vote for Ed!

Funny post!

Desert Diva said...

The worst example of trying to "hold onto" hair has to be Donald Trump. I'm sure your Ed looks incredibly handsome!

MMrussianadoption said...

hey howie mandel is becoming popular because of his new game show. maybe they will vote for a bald president.