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Friday, December 28, 2007

If I knew then what I know now

There’s a song on my country station about a man who writes a letter to himself at 17. Now, the singer is quite young so 17 works for him. However, I started thinking about what advice I would give myself from 17 forward if I had the chance. Here are the top 10 things I came up with:

10. Your Mom is right about most things (that’s always a hard one to deal with !)

9. Don’t throw your retainers out the car window after your 3-week follow-up orthodontist appointment. Mom will really get pissed and your teeth will shift a bit.

8. When you’re in college and you wear that cute little wrap around skirt with the Madras blouse, don’t carry a lot of books on a windy day because you won’t be able to hold the skirt closed and it will be very embarrassing.

7. Remember that you’re short! When you use an umbrella, pay attention and be careful those little spoke things don't pull that girl’s hairpiece off and don't stick that guy in the throat - all within one hour.

6. When you go to Missouri to meet your new in-laws, and they have an ice storm, and you think it’s really pretty outside – don’t actually try to walk outside. You’ll fall on your butt, your new in-laws will laugh at you, and you will not be happy

5. Never go to that beautician with the really tight pin curls because you will wind up with a horrific hair do held together with lots of lacquer and you will spend an hour in the bathroom crying and trying to untangle the mess without pulling all your hair out.

4. Keep a close eye on your kids, but be thankful that you don’t know EVERYTHING they do! When you find out later, you will be relieved that you didn’t know at the time. Trust me on this one.

3. Be careful taking the Astro Van into that small self service car wash because it will act like a can opener on the side of your car.

2. Talk more to your grandparents and write their stories down. There will be a time when you wish you knew more

And the number one piece of advice for my previous self?!?!?!

1. No matter what, do NOT marry that second guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jenni said...

OMG, do I second #1!

#4 wouldn't by any chance have to do with a certain trip Joe took down to Mexico in high school, would it? ;) I'm glad I didn't know about that one at the time too.

Wendy said...

I am keeping #1 in mind for sure! It was true for my mother too! She dated some real weirdos after her divorce.

#2 is so true too! We have tried for years to get my grandparents to write down their stories. Now it is too later...grandpa is gone and grandma can't really do it.

Enjoyed your post, as always!

Fleur de Lisa said...

I'm laughing about mom being right and #1. So true!

Chris said...

Good Ones!
Happy New Year to you and your family! ;)

Autumn said...

I've heard the song, and love it that you did a meme from it. Wow I need to think about this one awhile. 10 things to remind myself not to do...hmmmm I have so many it would be hard to narrow it down lol.
Great post thanks

Scoobers said...

Moms are always right. I have learned and am still realizing this.

Oh, number 2. How I wish.

ira said...

lol! You're funny! Have I said this before????
Happy New Years...! [:)]

MMrussianadoption said...

very funny and well thought out. I will have to think about my list.