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Sunday, December 9, 2007

Like I needed one more way to drive my husband crazy!

I must admit, one of my talents is driving my husband a bit nuts. It's also one of my favorite hobbies! Ed is very patient with me during holidays. Plastic eggs all over the house for Easter, huge pumpkins and corn stalks on the porch for Autumn, a gazillion cinammon and cranberry candles for Christmas.

He obligingly takes all the decoration boxes out for me (the number seems to grow each year), and finds places to store all the new crap I buy each year. Never complains, rarely even rolls his eyes!

He even willingly goes into Target or Michaels with me on occassion knowing full well that I will come out with more stuff that I totally don't need.

However, one thing that really drives him nuts is my little wreath of jingle bells. Not that he has anything against the bells, but I hang the wreath on the doorknob to our coat closet in the hallway. So everytime we get a coat or put one back, we hear the little "jingle, jingle, jingle". He looks at me with a pleading "can't we move this thing" look. And I respond with a "just deal with it" look.

I tell him it could be worse! I could want him to put up lights that blink to loud Christmas music like the guy next door has! That usually settles him down.


Jenni said...

OK, so that jingle bell wreath drives me crazy too! I'm with Ed. Move the dang thing! Preferably to the shed outside.

Your ever respectful daughter,


Desert Diva said...

You could take out the "jinglers" so that Ed would be happy - that would be a good compromise!

Fleur de Lisa said...

I'm laughing at Jenni's comment!
I keep one very large jingle bell tied to my french doors all year long. My dog rings it when she want to go outside to use "the facilities"-- it's a lifesaver!

Wendy said...

Mike always complained about hanging lights on the house but he did it any way. I had to drag everything out and hang it all myself this year. I did have one small helper though.

I see the wreath bothers other too by the comment above. Funny! I think it's cute!

Christine said...

Too funny. Make sure it doesn't scratch the door like it did my MIL's. :)

ira said...