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Friday, December 14, 2007

This made me stop complaining - well for about an hour anyway.

There are things about my job that really annoy me. I'm sure everyone has those job things.

Today I was walking into work very early - it was still dark outside. The temperature was about 34 with a little breeze. I had my long coat on and a scarf, but the walk from my car to the building seems to double in size because I am the ultimate weather wimp. Our hospital is undergoing a lot of construction right now and I headed to the front door, slightly hunched over so maybe it wouldn't feel so cold. I could see the light at the entrance - on the other side of that door there is no wind and there is a heater. As I passed the construction site I saw man all bundled up, pulling a large hose from a big truck. He was emptying out the port-a-potties at the construction site! In the cold, dark morning.

Suddenly MY little job annoyances didn't seem so important!

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Desert Diva said...

Yep, definitely not a job that I'd enjoy doing...