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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Clang, clang, clang went the trolley.

Ed and I went on a mini-vacation this weekend - all the way to San Francisco! Yes, it's only an hour away, and we were only there for two days, but it really felt like a vacation. Mainly because we didn't have anything planned and no agenda which is highly unusual for us. Tried a few new restaurants and went back to a couple that we particularly like. Did a little shopping and just took in the sights, sounds and smells of the city.

We did a lot of walking around, visited the Ferry Building and all its shops, hit Pier 39, and even rode the cable car like real tourists. It was great.

Found a store named after me on Pier 39 - who knew!! The sold primarily the Matryoshka dolls, one with 17 nesting pieces. And one of the sets cost $1600! We decided not to buy it....

It was supposed to be Tulipmania at Pier 39, but they have fewer tulips than Home Depot so that was pretty much a bust. But we did find one small batch for a photo. The guy who took it for us was obviously a professional photographer with a killer camera that had a foot long lens. I was almost embarassed to ask him to take our photo with my little Canon. But he agreed. Then managed to miss most of the tulips!! My son-in-law would have done so much better.

Ed ran into a buddy of his so they chatted for awhile.

On the cable car ride, we saw this lovely sight. Apparently someone stopped to relax and read the paper.

We were on the 17th floor of our hotel (hoping for a non-earthquake weekend!) and I took this cool shot of Ed's reflection in the window with the backdrop of the city lights. As least I thought it was cool!
All in all a very nice weekend. We promised ourselves that we would to up there every couple of months and just "hang". It's such a great city with so much to see and so much to eat.


Jenni said...

I don't remember the Babushka shop at Pier 39! Is it new?

Glad you guys had a fun weekend!

icanseeclearlynow said...

sandi, i LOVE that picture of you in front of the babushka shop. you look so cool!

AND i LOVE the picture you took of ed's reflection watermarked over the nighttime scenery. very artsy!

glad you two had so much fun!



MMrussianadoption said...

glad to hear you had a nice weekend. I wish we could get away once in awhile. I havent been to SF since I was nine years old.

The Kept Woman said...

I love that the couch and the fire hydrant match.

$1600 on a matryoshka? Yikes. I used to get really great ones (detailed, unique, etc.) from this warehouse in Dekalb, IL (same town as Northern Illinois Uni). Very reasonable of course I can't find a thing about it on-line and that was 9 years ago.

Christine said...

How cool. I'll have to check out that sotre next time we are in San Francisco. Thanks!

Fleur de Lisa said...

I can't say I blame you for skipping the $1,600 dolls..

This sounds like so much fun. It's too bad the guy with the camera missed most of the tulips. It sounds like he was too lazy to take a good picture- he didn't even get down to your level.