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Monday, March 31, 2008

Tulips are better than one

I love my tulips. They've always been one of my favorite flowers. The first Spring after I moved into this house, I noticed a red tulip poking up out of some river rock in the section of the front yard by the driveway. It was so vibrant and pretty that I decided to use that strip for a tulip garden. Every couple of years I add a few more bulbs, and the ones already planted keep multiplying. So each year there are more flowers.

I spend a lot of time during the Spring taking photos of the tulips. Ed took a picture of me last week doing just that and I'd love to post it, but it's mostly butt and not very flattering. Big deal, I was down on my hands and knees trying to get a close up. And he has to memoralize it.

At Easter the tulips always looks great and make a wonderful backdrop for the Easter Egg Hunt. I love looking out of the window in the morning when the sun is shining on them and just enjoy the view. Although Ed also likes them, he has the same comment that he has about most Spring blooming things "Yeah, but they only bloom for a short time." So what, I say. For that short time they are beautiful and bring joy. Get over it!

Just about the time the tulips are dying out, the creeping roses that are in the same area bloom and manage to cover most of the brown tulip leaves.

Ed gets a little freaky when the tulips die and I have to let the leaves turn brown and die naturally to feed the bulbs. Drives him a little nuts to see all the brown stuff (I won't even mention the brown leaves from the daffodils on the other side of the yard...). But he knows better than to touch them. I also had to tackle him one time when he was going for the Round-Up to kill a few weeds in that area. Not where my tulips are!!!! Put the fear of god into him, I did!

So, here's to my little red friends who started the whole thing. They are still strong and healthy and have a special place in the corner closest to the house. Thanks, guys.


namaste said...

wow! your tulips are gorgeous. you have the touch with gardening. i most definitely do not. i love tulips also. i have some sitting on my table that hubby bought me recently.



Fleur de Lisa said...

Your tulips are gorgeous! I love the colors. Tulips are my favorite too. :)

Catheroo said...

I love love LOVE tulips. These are lovely photos and they prompted me to go to a florist today and buy a bouquet for someone.

Good thing we aren't neighbors, or you might not have any tulips.

But I would.

ira said...

They're beautiful!
Look so vibrant! :)


Wow! Beautiful! Is there something special you feed them to make them so strong? I started gardening 3 years ago and I love it, but unfortunately, I suck at it! I'm too eager and I don't really pay attention to what will survive in our climate, etc....I just plant and watch them die! :-(
I have a graveyard of plants and my hub and son are always making fun of me! I think I will try some tulips....when I do I will post them on my sight!

I was LMAO when you said that Ed took a pic of your rear-end up in the air! Why do men do things like that???

Sharon Kay said...

Love the red tulips and what an inviting drive way to friends. I will plant a few this fall at Amelia Rose Cottage so I can enjoy next spring. Not a flower or bud on a tree in Ohio yet. I am still thinking Spring and waiting to see my first tulip. Have a good weekend and take time to smell the flowers my friend.