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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tidbits from Salzburg

So there we were in Salzburg. The home of Sound of Music. Churches, castles, strudel. We were having a nice little pastry and cappucino at an outside cafe when Ed noticed a hair in one of my eyebrows was a bit awry. So he licked his thumb and proceeded to fix the hair.

Me: OMG! Did you just put spit on my eyebrow?!?!?
Him: Well, yeah. That's what we did with the kids when they were little.
Me: What the crap?

Another little Yikes moment for me. Had to go to the bathroom and headed for the "Toilette". I opened the door and my first thought was "Hey, those look like urinals. How the heck am I going to use that?!?" Quickly followed by, "Shit, that's the men's room!" followed by "Thank god it was empty." See, these doors only had German words on them and not that cute little stick girl with the skirt on. I thought I knew which word was the one for "Woman". I was wrong. Hey, at least I figured it out before I tried to use one of those things which would have been just the time some guy walked in. Now THAT would have been a bit embarassing.



I'm getting this visual of you trying to sit on one of these urinals!!!! LOL!!

Fleur de Lisa said...

I don't know what's funnier-- the eyebrows or the urinals!

Jenni said...

HAHAHAHAHA!!! About both the spit and the urinals!

namaste said...

hahahahahahaha!! spit of the eyebrow! oh yes, my hubby knows i would have a heart attack, and yet, in a moment of temporary forgetfulness he might do the same thing. LOL!!

glad you figured out your toilet error quickly! woot! you are a card, girlie.



judypatooote said...

LOL.....how funny......what a cute hubby you must have....that was sweet..... judy

MMrussianadoption said...

oh my you have me rolling.