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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Happy Mother's Day, Jenni

Mother's Day takes on many different themes as we get older. First we're the daughter bringing flowers or breakfast in bed to our mom. Then we're the mother getting hand-drawn presents from our own children.

Then our daughters become mothers and the day takes on a whole new meaning. For me, there have been few things in my life more special than watching my daughter, Jenni, be a mom. When she adopted her kids, they were already toddlers. Having had twins myself, I know only too well the challenges of having two toddlers running around the house. But Jenni took it in her stride and managed, almost overnight, to grow the four hands that all mothers grow! Her kids are happy, healthy, and smart (sometimes TOO smart!!) and a tribute to her mothering skills. Watching the three of them interact just never gets old. Even when they get in trouble and she has to discipline, I watch with a hidden smile.

In addition to being a great mom, Jenni is my best friend. I've been so lucky. My mom and I shared a wonderful relationship, talked often, and could brighten each other's day with a phone call. Jenni and I talk a LOT. Usually in the evening after she gets the kids to bed. We call each other when there is something interesting in the news, when something funny happens, or something sad, or something to be celebrated, or there is something good on tv, or for any variety of reasons. There are few sounds I enjoy more than Jenni's voice when she picks up her phone and says Hello. We know each other well and share many of the same interests (except perhaps Country Music and Survivor). Often when we see the other person's name in caller ID, we know exactly what the call is about. In difficult times, like when I lost my parents, Jenni has been my rock.

Oh, we've had our difficult times. What mother/daughter hasn't. But the good times outweigh them and having an adult daughter is quite a gift.

So, Jenni, here's to you. Have a wonderful Mother's Day. I'm extremely proud of you and of who you've become and I love you more than you can know.


MMrussianadoption said...

what a wonderful post. i know she will be beaming at this tribute once she reads it.

Jenni said...

Thanks mom. That's a very nice post - probably nicer than I deserve!


Wow! What a touching tribute. Your daughter is is soooooooo fortunate to have a mother like you.

namaste said...

sandi, another sweet and touching post. HAPPY MOTHERS' DAY to you and jenni! my mother ruined the joy she could have had with me and her grands. but i am looking forward to a new legacy with my girls. you've shown me what the rainbow looks like on the other side.



Fleur de Lisa said...

Aww, this melts my heart. I love the photos and the words. Truly a treasure. :)

Catheroo said...

I am constantly in awe of your relationship with Jenni. It's beautiful.

And, in that picture of you and Jenni with the red background, I can totally see why Joe is referred to as "Joe Monkey." He totally looks like one there. :)