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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

One of those little life lessons

Last year after Ed had his angioplasty and stent procedure, we bought a treadmill. Neither of us have every been big on exercise, but his clogged arteries gave us new perspective. The treadmill lives in the garage and we diligently used it for 3-4 months before old routines set in again. However, earlier this year Ed's doctor told him either lose some weight or up the meds, so we dusted off the behemoth and started back in. I was also retired by this time and really wanted to lose some weight now that I actually had time to do something about it.

For those who don't have a treadmill, there is a little trinka (that's Porteguese for little thing that you don't know the right name for - at least that's what Ed's Mom told us it meant. If it's really a Porteguese swear word, mea culpa) that you clip to your shirt and the other end is a magnet that attaches to the machine. The magnet has to be attached in order for the treadmill to start. It's a safety thing - if you fall, the trinka on your shirt will pull the magnet off the treadmill causing it to stop so you don't become one of those flat cartoon people who keeps rolling and rolling around as the treadmill belt goes on its merry way.

Well, Ed -being a man and all - decided he didn't need to use that safety mechanism. He would attach the magnet, and just let the safety clip hang down. I mean, he wasn't going to fall. And if he started to fall, he could certainly catch himself in time. It's not like he's, you know, ME!!

Last night he was on the "mill" and I was at the computer. I heard the pace get very fast so I went out to check. He just smiled as he was running. Coordinated fellow that he is. So I went back to my computer. A few minutes later I heard a bang, then some commotion and a resounding "Shit!!". I ran back to the garage and there he was, just standing up after his FALL! Apparently he was going a bit fast, tried to adjust something, took his eyes off his feet and went down. Without the little trinka on his shirt, the belt just kept moving. Now there is a 2 foot streak on the belt from the skin on his knee. He looked at me with one of those please-don't-say-anything looks. His knee had a bright red sore the size of a half dollar.

He valiantly walked into the house muttering "this is gonna hurt." Now that I knew he hadn't had a heart attack or hit his head, all sympathy magically left my body and I said, "Are you nuts?!? Do you realize how bad that could have been?!?"

He slunk (is that a word?) over to the kitchen sink to wet a paper towel and blot the wound. This time muttering "oh, this is not good." I bit my tongue. He went to take a quick shower and put his sweats on. Then he came back into the kitchen and said "Feels better now." Until he walked around a bit and the wound was sticking to the inside of his sweat pants. Not so good now. So he rolled up his left pant leg as high as it would go. Because it kept falling back down, he tucked the bottom of his t-shirt into the rolled up leg to hold it in place. I can't even describe how funny the whole thing looked and I couldn't avoid laughing. However at one point I did punch him in the arm and said, "You really scared me! Use the damn safety thing next time!"

As we were getting ready for bed, he realized that having an open wound might not make for a comfortable sleep, so he found a large bandage. To put the bandage on, he put his foot on the bathroom counter. Suddenly I heard, "foot cramp, foot cramp." So now he's hobbling around the room trying to get rid of the cramp, holding a half-opened bandage in his hand, pant leg securely tucked in with t-shirt. That's when I lost it. Had to leave the room so I could laugh freely.

This morning as he was getting ready for work, I mentioned that he's lucky he doesn't wear nylons because knee wounds and nylons are not a good combination. Actually, we're BOTH lucky that he doesn't wear nylons but that's another story.

Anyway, he'll be a bit stiff today I imagine. His knee will take a bit of time to heel. He WILL be using the safety thing in the future. And I got a post out of it.


Nikki said...

Hey Sandi...I had no idea you were the Italian babushka!! I took a n hour long walk yesterday after not exercising for a while and this morning I am super stiff. about 3 years ago I went from super dormant to 1 hour cardio's a day on the eliptacle and it didn't take long to get back in shape. Good for you guys! The injuries part sucks but it will be worth it...thanks for sharing and for coming to my blog! :)N

namaste said...

LOL! sandi, does ed read your blog? i can't tell these cute strories cause my hubby reads my blog. this was adorable and funny! i hope that knee heals soon. my hubby is always hurting himself and it drives me a little nuts too. holding my tongue is a thing i get to practice often.



Gretchen said...

Nothing a little Neosporin won't fix!

judypatooote said...

oh my, that is hilarious....sorry Ed, but it was.....OK, now that I stopped laughing I'm feeling sorry for your dear hubby.....that must hurt....but you told the story in such a fun way.....at his expense of course.....LOL...... a few years ago, I bought a treadmill and I did clip the trinka to my shirt, for about the first couple times, and then I like Ed thought I won't need that.....silly old treadmill people.....but I think I used the treadmill for about 2 months, and I wasn't smiling while walking.....and soon that huge thing I would haul up a couple of steps and I put it in my craft room.....(each room had a tv, but that didn't make it any better).....and finally I gave it to my neighbors, who I think walked on it for about 2 months also.....it sounds so good doesn't it.....but I am not a very patient person.....and I wasn't getting any where......LOL

Thanks for stopping by my sight, I'm going to go eat now, but I will be back to catch up on your other posts......Judy

Catheroo said...

I'm sorry for Ed, but this story is HILARIOUS! I'm glad he's ok too.

Also, I love this part "Actually, we're BOTH lucky that he doesn't wear nylons but that's another story."

I want to see Ed in nylons please.


Sandi! You are sooooooo gracious not to have chewed Ed out!! LOL! Men just never want to listen! Seems like they are allergic to "safety procedures!" Dang! I hope Ed's "boo boo" heals quickly.