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Friday, May 16, 2008

Wonder how many calories are burned by frustration...

So I got on the treadmill this morning around 8am ready for my one-hour jaunt. We have a DVD player on the treadmill and I was in the middle of La Vie en Rose and anxious to finish the movie. Pushed the bottons and got myself to my normal 2.8 pace. Then I turned on the DVD player and fast forwarded to where I had left off. It took awhile to figure out the right spot but I finally found it.

After about 15 minutes, the DVD picture got wobbly and, since the movie is sub-titled, I couldn't see what they were saying. I hit it a few times (I know, not the smartest move but I was annoyed), then turned off the player, took out the DVD, and started all over again. Didn't work. Still wobbly picture. So I tried it about two more times. I also cleaned the DVD on my sweaty shirt just to be sure (sorry Netflix). Finally it seemed to be okay. Of course, each time I had to go through the process of finding where I had left off. Now I'm watching the movie again when suddenly the treadmill pumps up to 3.7! What the heck?!? I'm running along frantically trying to lower the speed and not knowing how the heck I did that. Okay, back at 2.8. DVD is still good.

AARRGGHHHH!! The treadmill suddenly jumps up to 4.2!! I can't do 4.2! Not without falling on my face or dying or something! This time I put my feet on the side rails and lowered the speed. Of course, it was the picture of grace when I tried to get back on while it was doing 2.8. But I managed.

DVD gets wobbly again. While I'm doing the turn on- turn off thing, I realized that the last time I had accidently hit the "Program 1" button which puts the treadmill in special mode that makes it incline, decline, go faster, then slow down all by itself. Good grief.

Got the treadmill at the right speed, got the movie working again - then I moved my arm and knocked my earphones off. Managed to get them back on without missing too many steps. Starting to sweat more from the frustration than the walking. Had an itch by my ear, scratched it, pulled the little safety cord off the machine. Treadmill stops, all my numbers vanish. Now I'm really pissed.

Finally I did manage to finish my hour and finish the dang movie (which was pretty good, by the way). And they say exercise is good for you. Hah!


ira said...

how many pounds did you lose this one time?! :P

MMrussianadoption said...

very funny

MMrussianadoption said...

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namaste said...

sandi, you are sooo funny. i don't think you know how clever your writing is. you should publish something, girlie. seriously.

that sounded like a work-out and a half. LOL!



Nikki said...

Little did you know you could exercise just walking back and forth from the TV to the Treadmill...and all the heart pumping frustration in the mean time. I think you may be on to something. How much exercise have we lost with our remote controls, remember the good old days of having to actually change the channel by HAND...of course we only had 4 to choose from. Glad to hear the treadmilling is still going on!:)N

Fleur de Lisa said...

Oh, you made me laugh out loud. If annoyances burn calories I bet you lost 5 pounds!