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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Happy Birthday, Ed (oh, and Happy Flag Day)

Today is Ed's birthday. He's 61! I'm 11 months older than him, but for at least the next 30-ish days we'll be the same age. Ed hates his birthday because it means he's getting older. I keep trying to convince him to be grateful for each one because that's one more year of adventures that we've had together. But he can be a poop sometimes. I just recently got him to be comfortable using AARP and senior discounts. What the heck - we've earned it!! Because he doesn't like his birthday and doesn't want a big hoopla over it, that automatically puts me in "hoopla" mode. I'm not above embarrassing the old codger. Heh, heh, heh.

Lest we forget, today is Flag Day. When I was in college, I met my first love who's birthday was June 14th. I find it interesting that my first great love and my last great love have the same birthday - don't you?!?

Here's a photo of Ed as a baby with his Mom.

Here he is on his 8th birthday. I'm guessing the hat was home-made!

At his big 60 party last summer.

And here's a photo of us doing what we do best - eating out (this was his birthday in 2006).

So, to my dear Ed - thank you for the past 9 years. They have been the best of my life. And here's to at least 20 more years together laughing, travelling, spending time with our family, and retirement!

I love you, sweetie.


Nikki said...

OH Happy Birthday ED..and congrats to both of you for being so cute and happy together...I wish you all the best with eachother! :)N

Desert Diva said...

How sweet - you and Ed are lucky to have each other! Happy Birthday Ed!

ira said...

Happy Birthday Ed! :)


Happy B-Day, Ed!!! I just have this image of you reclining in the driver's seat of your car at the gas station while Sandi munched on pretzels!! LOL

namaste said...

i don't know how i missed this! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ed! sorry to be so late here.


Jenni said...

Happy birthday Eddo!