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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Not your average coffee shop

Ed and I went to a meeting this week and got there a little early. We asked the receptionist if there was a Starbucks around and she said, no, but there was a nice coffee shop down the street named something like "cloud."

We followed her directions and found one rather yicky coffee shop, then down the block we found the "Blue Sky" which was close enough to "cloud" to work for us. Ed said, "Hey, looks like there's a line, must be a good place." As more people came in we saw a young man at the door having them sign in. Seemed odd, but what the heck. Ed asked if we needed to sign in and the kid said, "Are you here for coffee?" Well, duh, it's a coffee shop. Yes we are. So, no, we didn't need to sign in. Then the girl at the counter asked for our order so now we have no reason why these people are lined up.

Then Ed spots it. The table toward the back. Full of plants. Pot plants. The just happened to be a location for medical marijuana although there wasn't any way to know that. At least not to someone as painfully naive as I am. I must admit, I'm definitely a proponent of valid uses of marijuana for the pain and nausea of cancer treatments. But it was hard to look at this crowd and believe that they all needed the pot because they were ill.

We got our iced coffees (which were very good, by the way) and mosied back to the meeting. We thanked the receptionist for guiding us to such a colorful place and she said, "Oh, I forgot to tell you about the pot!" Why, yes you did.


namaste said...

LOL!!! oh i am SOOO traveling out to your city! now there's 2 reasons- haha. to meet you and ed and to visit this coffee shop. ;)


MMrussianadoption said...

wow, we need a coffee shop like that over here. the most we can get is a scone

ira said...

So you can take me to this place when I get to SF!! :D
Thats one of the things I intend to do when I get there! Just to try!
Its very difficult to get your hands on it here..