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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Pismo Beach and Moms

My son took his family to Pismo Beach this weekend to "ride the dunes". Happily, they made it home safely. Pismo Beach and my son were not a good combination in the past.

Somewhere during his college years, Joe and a group of friends decided to head to Pismo Beach to ride their dirt bikes. My husband at the time (he who shall not be named - HWSNBN) was a dirt bike rider so we had a few of them around the garage. Joe took two with him on the trip.

Coincidentally, HWSNBN had a conference that same weekend close to the Pismo area so we decided to drive over there and see the boys. Now, I hadn't been to Pismo before and had no idea how difficult it might be to find someone. But somehow we managed - although now I don't remember how we did it. We found the tent they were staying in, and next to the tent was one of our dirt bikes just sitting there. With a pair of sneakers beside it. My heart stopped. Where was Joe? Was he hurt? We called a bit, no one answered. We waited for a little while because I was afraid to leave.

Finally another of his friends came riding over the crest and stopped when he saw us. I asked where Joe was and his friend, Justin, told me that he had ridden over a dune that was fine the day before, but the sand had shifted and now it was a cliff. So he went over it and crashed at the bottom. But Justin was quick to tell me that there was no blood and he didn't lose consciousness. By now my insides were in a knot and the tears were coming. I asked where Joe was and Justin told me he had gone to the emergency room.

HWSNBN and I got back in the car and headed for the emergency room. We raced in and asked about Joe. They said he had been there and only had a dislocated shoulder. He and his other friend, Danny, were on the way to the drug store to get a prescription filled. Once I found out he was okay, I really broke down. But I still had to find him.

I asked the nurse where the nearest drug store was and she directed us to the Thrifty Drug a couple miles up the street. So that's where we headed. By now it had been about an hour since discovering their campsite and I just needed to see him and know that he was okay. We got out of the car and headed into the store. As soon as we got to the front door, out walks Joe and Danny. They looked at us quizzically. What the heck were we doing there? Danny looked at me in awe and said, "Man, moms know everything!" I hugged Joe (carefully) and made sure he was okay. They were both still staring at us like we were ghosts! How did you find us? How did you know what had happened? Dude!!

My guess is that Joe is a lot smarter 15 or so years later. If nothing else he knows that Moms are wise. And now he has his young step-sons to protect. Hmmm, wonder if they know the story about his header?!?!? Me thinks we will be having a little conversation next time I see them.....



OH MY GOSH....I would have been freaking to no end! It would have been me in the emergency room for hyperventilating!!

namaste said...

sandi, mom knows ever thing. period. we don't have to explain it. we just are always paying attention. god bless you!



ira said...

Make sure you tell the details to his sons!
And when they turn 18 and want to go out on a bikers trip of their own..Do write about your son's reactions! :)

Sandi said...

Patti - trust me, I WAS hyperventilating!

Maria - Yes we do

Ira - Oh, I will definitely be telling this story to Joe's offspring.

Jenni said...

I love it that you freaked out Danny and Joe. Too perfect!

of course, I'm also glad Joe was OK.

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