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Monday, July 7, 2008

The Martians

While sitting on the plane, I suddenly had some very deep thoughts. The woman across the aisle started yawning. Now, what if aliens landed on this planet (assuming, of course, that they aren't already here) and observed thi. What would they think? Here is a person just sitting there and suddenly her mouth opens wide, her face stretches, her eyes close, sometimes there is an audible sound, mostly it looks like a silent scream. There may also be arm stretching, or back arching. Then she stops and goes back to what she was doing as if nothing had happened. What the heck was that, the alien may ask. Then he/she notices that other people in the same area as the yawning woman suddenly do the same thing! OMG, it's contagious.

Wouldn't that make the aliens hightail it outta here?


ira said...

very interesting observation!

namaste said...

i am belly-laughing out loud! i love the way your mind works you nutty girl!



Fleur de Lisa said...

Yes, and WHY is it that it's so contagious? I love a good yawn. :)