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Monday, July 28, 2008

Not me!

Did you ever have one of those little "floaters" in your eye - you know the little thing that looks like a black dot, or line, or piece of string, or a bug? The kind that you try to see but it always floats just outside your line of vision?

And did you ever have it sneak up on you and you actually think it's a bug? So you start swatting and ducking your head. After a few times you realize that it's only your "floater" making a return visit. And you also realize that people are watching you with a bit of fear in their eyes. And then you try to pretend you were doing something else and everything is normal.

Nope, me neither.


Drowsey Monkey said...

LOL! Yes, I know what ya mean, that actually happened to me the other night when I was blogging. Thanktully I was alone! lol

Jenni said...

This post reminds me of this:

Squiggly line

Nikki said...

I got the floaters and yes i have mistaken them for bugs...at first i thought i was going blind, but now i just moan and groan about how old i am! haha :)N

Desert Diva said...

Unfortunately, been there - done that! ;-)

Chatterness said...

I see floaters frequently. One of my colleagues told me that it was a separated retina! I went to the opthamologist and they said it was onset of a migraine. :::sigh::::