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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Okey, dokey, then

The other night Ed and I had one of those Seinfeld conversations. I was in bed reading my book and he got in bed, got out, and got back in again. I didn't pay attention and continued to read.

He picked up his book, then put it down and muttered with some frustration in his voice:

Ed: Because I hate it when the sheet comes up too high and bunches around my neck and shoulders.

Me [not having a clue why he decided to share that]: Okay. Why are you telling me this?

Ed: Didn't you notice that I just got out of bed and tucked everything back in on the bottom so the sheets would be neat?

Me: Uh, no. You're always fixing something - I don't even notice most of the time!

Ed: [Sigh.....]

Because I'm such a good little wifey, I turned back to my book before silently laughing.


namaste said...

boy oh boy, sandi. you and i could swap some funny stories one day over coffee. so many times i watch my hubby in deep concentration, going about some activity or other in and around the house. i say not a word. but in my thoughts i am cracking up! sometimes our fellas take things very seriously.


ba and the boys said...

somedays, it is best just to go back to our books and laugh silently. it saves the marriage...

Fleur de Lisa said...

I'm with Ed, I'm freaky about my sheets. Hospital corners and all. :)

It's Me said...

lol, sandi!!! definitely a Seinfeld moment!! mumble mumble mumble.....