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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Happy Almost New Year

My house has been de-Christmastized (?). Spent most of the day taking down the decorations, stowing them away for another year, and putting the former stuff back in it's place. We've had decorations up since early September when I did "Fall", so it took us awhile to remember where all the regular things go! But it's always a good excuse to do a little redecorating. And the house feels so much cleaner and bigger now. Next stop - Spring!

Tomorrow we head out on a road trip. We're going to Pasadena for a couple of days. Ed signed us up to work on the Rose Parade float for the National Association of Realtors. It sounds like fun, however we keep getting e-mails about what to bring. Things like a baseball cap because we'll be working under scaffolding. Baseball cap?? How much protection could that possibly be?? Turns out it's needed due to falling glue. Apparently there are several levels of workers and glue tends to wind up in unwelcome places. So we have to wear old expendable clothes, baseball caps, old jackets and shoes. And they suggest we bring dish soap for easy glue removal. So for eight hours we'll be securing flowers and dodging glue. There will definitely be wine at the end of that day.

Then on Thursday we have bleacher seats to watch the parade. I saw the parade once before when I was in college (yes, they did have motorized parades back then). A friend of mine had gotten a job at a blueprint place right on the route. So we got to watch the parade from the roof (building was only 2 stories tall) while nibbling on sandwiches and champagne. I don't remember much of the parade.

This time Ed and I will be on the bleachers which is very good because people start lining up for the Rose Parade a couple of days in advance. We only have to get there around 6am. Then we'll head home after it's over. May try to squeeze in an early dinner on New Year's Eve - but that's about the only thing we'll have time for. That and getting the glue our of our hair and clothes.

Plus, it's a road trip! How can you go wrong?!

Hope everyone has a safe New Year's Eve and a wonderful start to 2009.


It's Me said...

Happy New Year Sandi and Ed!!!! On the road again, huh? I'll look for you on television at the Rose Parade!! LOL....wave, ok?

Patty said...

I went to the Rose Parade once when I was about 10 years old and I still to this day remember all the flowers. It was an awesome thing to see as a child. I hope you take lots of photos and post them when you get back!

Drowsey Monkey said...

Road trip! Yay!

de-Christmasatized ... like that word, lol.

Sounds like you have a lot of great plans ... enjoy!

namaste said...

have fun you two! watch out for the falling glue!


namaste said...

oh and i LOVE the festive look of your page!!

Julia said...

Well, your Rose Parade trip sounds exciting, or it will be if you survive the glue thing. That's enough to make people want to stay home LOL! I always take down the Christmas decor before New Year's, too. It's a superstition I inherited from my Arkansas roots. Down here in Louisiana they seem to leave them up forever. Happy New Year to be!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year! We take down the tree after jan. 6th. That's "little christmas".

ba and the boys said...

if they show bleacher seats, im pausing the tv and looking for you!i used to go to the philadelphia mummers parade and most of the people in it would be drunk on the route. i think they put a stop to drinking and walking a few years ago.