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Monday, December 15, 2008

Ya gotta love this guy.

Since the week of Thanksgiving, we have been eating more than normal. I mean, Thanksgiving! It's a hogfest. Then 5 days in New York City. Then the round of Holiday parties, luncheons, candy gifts, etc.

Ed, however, is convinced that the couple of pounds he has put on the last few weeks is due - not to the eating. Oh, no. It's due primarily to the fact that our digital scale is in the garage and it's been really cold and the scale has been cold and that probably messes up the readings and it just can't be right!

So now the scale has a new (temporary!) location in our home office next to Ed's desk. Where it will be room temperature and definitely more accurate. I'm sure I can hear the scale snicker periodically.


It's Me said...

LOL! Maybe I should put mine out in the garage and temporarily fool my mind into believing the same thing!! Too funny!

namaste said...

my scale and i are no longer on speaking terms. we avoid each other, it lessens the hostility between us.

umm... yeah... cold scale, wrong number? i can see that!


Daisy said...

See - I LOVE that about men! I think we would all do well to learn a bit about self-esteem from them... FANTASTIC! Men try on pants that are too tight and say , next time I buy pants I'd better get a bigger size. Women try on pants that are too tight and we welcome the opportunity for self-loathing and deprecating language.

Yay, Ed! Bravo! I say put that scale back out in the garage where it belongs!

ba and the boys said...

im certain that is why my scale is off too! except, mine is inside. ok, i must find a new wxcuse!

Desert Diva said...

I love the way Ed thinks! :-)