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Friday, January 9, 2009

A little here, a little there

Can you hear me breathing funny? Just spent 30 minutes with the Richard Simmons Disco DVD. I know, he's a little creepy. But I like the music and can almost do the routines. Plus all those overweight people dancing around gives me hope! It's been too cold in the garage the past couple of weeks to do the treadmill in the morning, and I REALLY need to get back to exercising. So I ordered a few DVDs. Gotta burn off those holiday pounds.

The first time I saw the Richard Simmons Sweatin' to the Oldies was when my mom bought the VCR tape so she and my aunt could exercise. I went over to her house and found them on the couch eating sandwiches and watching the tape! I explained to them that they had to actually do the dance routines in order to lose weight. They said it was too hard, but they found the tape so entertaining that they just turned it into a movie day. Geesh.


On another note, my daffodils are sticking their head out of the ground. One of the really great things about living in California is that Spring starts slowly creeping in right after the holidays. The daffs should be in full bloom in 2-3 weeks, then the magnolia tree will pop out and in March or April my tulips will greet me. Also in March the hills turn green and the wild mustard blooms which covers everything in bright yellow.

We didn't have much of a Spring in Tucson. Oh, there was that one week in March when the orange blossoms bloomed. But that was basically it! So I've always enjoyed the early Springs her in CA.


One of the highlights of Christmas Day was when my granddaughter, Vika, opened a gift from her Uncle Marc. She ripped off the paper and proudly proclaimed, "Papa, I got a bunch of beer!!" It was one of those beer collections and the gift was actually for Ed's brother but was mis-marked. Vika wanted to keep it, but we gently pried it from her hands.


My brother and sister-in-law in Chicago are expecting their new son (and fourth child) today so I'm glued to the phone. And my son and his wife are expecting their first son on the 20th. Busy month for our family!

Hope all of you have had a good start to 2009. And hopefully I'll have something more interesting to write about soon!


namaste said...

LOL! on your mom and aunt with the RS video. that is too cute.

wow! your flowers come in early. i look forward to your flower pics. congrats on the new family arrivals. hope both deliveries are safe and healthy.

ba and the boys said...

i love the beer story! i cant believe you ripped it from your poor granddaghters hands-you are so mean! lol
watching the video is classic-i can just imagine them sitting there.
and about spring-we got snow last night...

Fleur de Lisa said...

Did you happen to see Richard on The Today show the other day? He was on with Kathie Lee and Hoda (or however you spell her name) and he was crazier than usual. I think they had to censor him.