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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Homework and Sea Critters

Last week I had my usual Friday afternoon with the grandkids, Vika and Eamon. We stopped for ice cream and then headed home where Eamon watched Star Wars the Clone Wars and Vika had to do homework.

Vika doing homework is not a pretty sight. She squirms on the chair, constantly asks for "help" (which means she wants me to do it for her), tells me I'm not helping her enough, moves her papers from the table to the floor to the counter and back to the table, and she cries. It's really quite a drama. Every page she turned to, she would look up at me with a tear-streaked face and say, "I don't know how to do these." I would explain to her that they were exactly the same as the ones on the previous page which she seemed to do just fine. NOT the answer she wanted. More tears.

Finally she was down to the last page - a crossword puzzle of sorts about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. She excitedly said, "This is my last page!!" I said, "Cool, when you're done with this one you can watch Clone Wars with Eamon." She went through the page without a blink, getting every answer right, spelling everything correctly, and finishing in record speed.

I said to her, "Isn't is amazing how quickly you can get your homework done if you don't spend so much time crying and wiggling and feeling sorry for yourself?" She looked at me and smiled, "Yeah, that's what Mama says, too."

Anyway, drama was over. They watched tv for a bit. Then Jenni came to pick them up. Some time later Ed came home and was going into the bathroom in the hall. He called to me, "Did you see this??" Oh, crap, I thought. The kids broke something or made a big mess and he found it before I did. I hate when that happens.

I went into the bathroom and this is what he had found

Apparently they thought the dried starfish that I've had on display in a little dish filled with shells needed to be revived. It had been in the water for quite some time and was a bit soft. Felt like a live starfish which creeped me out just a bit. But he's back to his petrified state and safely ensconced with the shells.

Cute kids.


namaste said...

my youngest used to cry thru her homework quite a bit too. it broke my heart and drove me nuts. so glad those days are over.

and yes, i remember the critters in the bathroom days as well. kids!


joe@italyville.com said...

I do the same thing at work... it's good that I work for myself at least! By the way Sandi, I have one of your photos up for Fantastic Photos:)

Jenni said...

That starfish thing is hilarious! It was probably Eamon.

Vika's homework drama... not so funny. :^{

Chris said...

Aw, you are a very good Gram.
The sea creatures came back to life! That was so cute.
Yes, it is pouring here in Charlotte. Oh well, at least I get to see my son. Rain or shine. Who cares?

Luz said...

Awww, that is so adorable.

Fleur de Lisa said...

Oh yes, I lived the homework drama for years with my son. I am so thankful that he's in high school now and the drama is gone!

I don't think I'd want to touch the starfish!

It's Me said...

lol on the starfish drama!!! that is wayyyyyyyyyy too cute!!

MMrussianadoption said...

hey, what is life without drama and excitement?