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Thursday, April 16, 2009


Thought I'd share some recent photos of my grandkids. They're all so darn cute. First, the youngest one - Tyson. He'll be three months old next week, is very cute, has Albert Einstein hair (hence, the hat), and a great set of lungs! These were taken at Easter.

My stepdaughter is pregnant with twins and she had a glazed look in her eyes watching Tyson's energy! Being a mother of twins myself, I know only too well what adventures she has in store.

Then there's Eamon - our 6-year old grandson. He is a total Star Wars junkie - I know ba can relate. One afternoon he was at our house and as he was leaving, he noticed a bunch of Star Wars toys in the garage that frankly I forgot we had. They belonged to Ed's boys when they were little and now just sit on the shelf. But Eamon's eyes lit up. I told him he could play with them the next time he came over. He said, "That's Friday, right?!? Only three more days, right?!?" On Friday I picked him and Vika up from school and the first thing he said to me was, "I'm going to play with the Star Wars toys!" Not so much as Hi, how the heck are you. Nope, just the toys. He babbled about them all the way home and could not wait to get out of the car. As soon as we got home he started pulling them off the shelf and taking them into the house. As many as he could carry at once. I eventually helped him, but had to take the photo first.

Then there's Vika. Her class ends about 20 minutes before Eamon's so she usually plays for awhile while we wait for his bell to ring. A couple of weeks ago I found Vika and a friend playing a game where they did a little hand-jive thing, then stood up and had a staring contest. I swear, they stood like that for 5 minutes! Very strange game.

MacKayle is definitely our tallest grandson. He's 14 and came over on Easter with his equally tall friend, Brandon. We wanted to have all the kids do the Easter Egg Hunt together. So, to make it an even playing field, my son came up with the idea of tying Mac and Brandon together with an ankle bungee cord. Now, normally boys at this age are way too cool to be involved with something so childish. Not these two. They were great sports about it and, even though they did wind up with a bruise or two from the cord, did the whole hunt tied together. The little kids loved it.

Between us, Ed and I now have 11 grandkids, with two more on the way. Plus my brother and his wife just had their fourth and my nephew and his wife are expecting any day now. I love our growing family.


namaste said...

i can't believe how much tyson has grown! he's adorable!

eamon and the star wars stuff- kids can be so single minded.

vika's hand-jive- reminds me of the the hand games my daughters and i used to play at vika's age. i'd forgotten until this post.

those two 14 yr old boys tied together for the egg hunt? hilarious!! what good sports they were. i love kids like that!

It's Me said...

Little Tyson is one handsome lil fella!!! Your life is so full, yet so complete. People like Ed and you make people like me feel hopeful and happy!! Love ya, Sandi...I really do!!!

Jenni said...

Eamon carrying all those Star Wars toys is hilarious! He kept talking about them at home too, he was so excited. Although, after seeing that Boba Fett doll (which is AWESOME), I can kind of understand his enthusiasm!