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Saturday, April 18, 2009

One of life's mysteries

I realize there are many mysteries in life, but one that continues to boggle my mind is this - why can men admit that women are often smarter?? I'm not saying all the time, maybe only 80-90%.

Case in point. We appear to have a leak in our watering system in the backyard. How do we know this? Well, when we turn on the sprinklers, a little zen-like fountain comes up through the crack in the cement and forms a lake. It's lovely, mind you. But a leak none-the-less. So Ed had to find it and fix it. I asked why we couldn't just put more cement in the crack so it wouldn't come up but apparently that isn't a good solution. Whatever.

So he starts digging to find the culprit pipe. And digging. Over by the astromeria alstromaria flowers. I said in a sweet voice, "I think the last time you found the pipe it was over there between that small bush and the light." No, he insisted. I already tried there.

And he dug. All along the little cement mow strip, dug up all his cyclamens, had a huge mound of dirt on the grass. Now he's sweating (today is our first really warm day this year) so he changes from jeans to shorts. And digs more. I went outside to soothe his frustration. Although when I said, "Man, I was sure it was between that bush and the light" it didn't have quite the soothing effect I had hoped.

Finally he comes in the house and says, "I finally found it." So I meandered outside again and there, between the bush and the light were the pipes he was looking for. I looked at him, he looked at me and said, "Shut up." Okay, I'll shut up. But I'm also going for the camera.

Will they never learn.......


namaste said...

isn't it cute the way we put our sweet voices on when we want them to hear us? nice job ed! and you're a good sport to let sandi take a pic of you for this post.


ba and the boys said...

they never listen. ever.