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Saturday, May 9, 2009

A light at the end of the tunnel

I got my first driver's license when I was 16. The DAY I turned 16!! My dad tried to teach me how to drive on a deserted road in Tucson. And I was doing really well until I saw a car coming from the other direction, screamed and threw my hands up in the air. My dad, in panic, reached over and grabbed the wheel. Then we drove home and he hired a driving instructor for me.

Mostly, I did fine. Although I did have an issue with making left turns without a left-turn signal. Well, come to think of it, they didn't even have left-turn signals in Tucson back then. Nonetheless, I did not like left turns so I would keep turning right until I found my street. I like to think that my driving was the inspiration for freeway turnoffs. By the by, I'm okay with left turns now.

Then there's reverse. I don't do reverse. Never have understood people who back into parking spots or their driveway or (gasp!!) their garage. Once Ed wanted to unload something out of my car and he said, "Just back in to the driveway." I informed him that I don't do reverse, got out of the car and let him at it.

The other thing I don't do is parallel park. Luckily I have never had a driving test that required me to parallel park. I'm hoping that when I have my old lady parking test in a few years they don't ask me to do that. Oh, I can do just fine if there is a space big enough for two or three cars. Then I can just cruise in, line up the tires, and park. But to do one of those reverse and then forward numbers - nope.

Now that may all change. A whole new world may be opening up before my eyes. The new Prius coming out next year (I think) has a special parking system. All you do is hit a button and the car parallel parks all by itself!!!! Holy crap. Ed called me into our computer room this morning saying, "Now here's something you are going to have to buy!!"

I love my Saturn Vue, but a self-parking vehicle?!? Again, holy crap!


Jenni said...

Holy crap! I may have to look into one of those for myself!

I just mentioned this to Jeff and he said, "I love parallel parking. As long as you know the rules, it works every time."

I never learned those rules, I guess....

ba and the boys said...

i cannot parallel park and im from a city that ONLY parallel parks! wtf-right?
my aunt trish, can park any car parallel even though you SWEAR there isnt enough room. she will also have a hot dunkin donuts coffee in her hand a talking with her other hand.
the amazing women in our lives...

namaste said...

you don't do reverse? LOL! i love the prim way you say that as if there's no point in discussing it further.

and ed, as usual is a prince about his response.


ira said...

lol! you're very funny!! :)
Even I got my license the day I turned 18. In India, the age is 18.
About my Cali license, I cleared my written but have to give 'behind-the-wheel'. Maybe during summer..

Luz said...

for some reason, I have no prob with parallel parking but I know so many people who cannot do this to save their life. One thing I have to do when parallel parking is roll down the windows to give that edge. Weird I know but it works for me.