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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Life's a beach

We've had a very warm weekend here in Northern California. So Ed decided it would be fun to take our books, pack a lunch, and head to the beach. We have a couple of those low chairs and an umbrella that attaches to the back of them. So we were all set.

The day started out by Ed calling me out to the garage saying, "Look at this." I went out there, saw the back door open and tried to see what he wanted me to look at.

Me: "What is it? The ladder by the fence?"
Ed: "No..."
Me: "What, I don't see anything. Is something broken?"
Ed: "I can't believe you!! Look straight ahead!"
Me: (walking a little closer to the door) "What???"
Ed: "Oh, for pete's sake, look a little to your right."

There, right next to the door, he had put one of the chairs with the umbrella attached and the cooler next to it - like a little beach scene. I totally didn't see it. He just shook his head in wonder. But, sadly, he wasn't surprised.

Anyway, we gathered all the things we would need. Slathered on SPF 30 and threw the bottle in our bag. Brought out books, camera, tripod, blanket in case we wanted to bask in the sun, and two beach towels in case we went in the water. We also packed a lunch - sandwiches, fruit, cookies - enough food for approximately four days.

Then we took off. The temperature thingy in the care said 94 degrees. Boy it was going to feel good at the beach. We drove through a small redwood forest, along a windy mountain road. Very pretty. As we got closer to the beach, the temperature dropped to 86, but that was still good. Until we crossed the street and pulled into the parking lot at San Gregorio. Now the temperature was 63!!! Let's see, 94 minus 63, mumble, mumble, carry the one, mumble, mumble - yup, 31 degrees less!!

We carted all our stuff to find a spot in the sand. The place was packed. The fog was thick. Waves were gray and white and the sky was gray. We found a spot and spread out the blanket.

Did we bring any jackets or shirts? Of course not. Sweats or jeans? Nyet. I did bring a hat primarily to keep my scalp from getting sunburned. Now it was just to keep my head warm! I mean, could I look any dorkier??? Shut up, Jenni.

The beach towels did come in handy. We used them to cover our legs. Tried to read but it was too cold. So Ed pulled the blanket up over our legs and we used the towels as shawls, keeping only enough fingers out to turn the pages of the book. We did manage to eat lunch, but skipped the 2 cans of cold soda and 4 bottles of cold water that we brought. Wishing instead for a thermos of coffee.

Then the park ranger comes by and says that the ocean is rough and people should stay close to shore. About 20 minutes later he came back and told us that the tide was rising and in about an hour our area would be wet. Great.

The water started getting close and we were going to move when Ed said, "Ya know, I wouldn't mind just going home." And, in a flash, I had the site picked up and slung over my arm. We headed back to the car and were amazed at all the people still driving in. By now it was almost 4pm and certainly not going to get any warmer.

Anyway, we made it home and are now going to sit in our backyard and read - in shorts and t-shirts with no blankets or towels. Or shivering. Or sand


Jenni said...

Sounds like a typical day at a Northern California beach! Cold and gray.

Re: the hat - all I can say is thank God it wasn't red with a purple sash tied around it.

carmella anderson said...

102% in TX- I think the A/C is what I long for. The air at Corpus
Christi beaches these days feels like I have no words for. I would love CA beaches. Remembering Lompoc in the summers, needed cover ups. I loved it. Afer living in AZ all my life I love the cool stuff.HORMONES

Desert Diva said...

Well, at least you had a fun drive and you both looked cute!

It's Me said...

Hey, that was a great plan! Sorry the weather didn't comply! However, those are the types of trips that make long lasting memories!!! Loved the photos and the hat u wore!!

Fleur de Lisa said...

Sandi, I'm all about the beach hats- getting sunburned will never do!

Sorry it was so cold!