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Friday, September 25, 2009

A few more notes from Massacusetts

I didn't know it was possible to be "lobstered out" but it's happened. Lobster isn't something we eat at home - it's way too expensive and often a little dry. But here in Massachusetts it's plentiful, not as expensive, and really good. We had whole lobster for dinner last night, lobster roll for lunch today, and Ed had a DOUBLE lobster plate for dinner tonight. Mind you, he had two whole lobsters, corn on the cob, potato all for $19.99! And that's how you get lobstered out.

We had lunch in Provincetown today. We had stopped here on our honeymoon almost seven years ago and wanted to re-visit. It still had all the charm we remembered. And Ed found a candy store so he was happy. You know, as in "kid in.....".

We're about 10 days too early for the great fall colors, but we have found a few bright spots.
Lots of toll roads here. And we saw a sign on one of the toll booths that made us laugh. It said "Please turn off your wipers." I can just picture the poor toll collector sitting in his or her booth on a rainy day and being pelted by someone's wipers.

Tomorrow we head to Boston for three days. The weather is finally getting a bit colder and feels like fall. Maybe we'll find a red leaf or two!


namaste said...

i am so jealous of all those great lobster dishes you're having at such a great price. but i'm glad you and ed are having such a wonderful time. tell him i said hi!

ba and the boys said...

this is like the best vacation ever!

Luz said...

Too funny about the wipers!