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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Change of Seasons

This was our "change everything from Autumn to Christmas" weekend and we're almost done. Right now Ed's vacuuming and I thought it best to get out of his way so decided to do a quick post. Aren't I the most thoughtful wife?!?!? We never quite made it to the outside lights and decorations, those will have to wait a bit. But Ed did manage to ditch the pumpkins and cornstalk from the front porch.

One of the more interesting challenges this year was to add three new stockings to our grandkid wall. I had 10 stocking fitting on the wall pretty nicely and it took a little maneuvering to add three more. But we did it!

Now little Tyson, Jacob and Faith have taken their place along with 10 others ranging in age from 20 to 4 months.

Each year I say I'm not going to buy any more stuff, and each year I buy more stuff. But, in fairness to me, I do throw a few things away. Mind you, I don't throw away as much as I buy, but what the heck.

We got our wonderful artificial trees (with lights) down from the rafters and assembled and decorated it. The ornaments on our tree are all memories. We buy an ornament any time we travel to a new place. The kids and I exchange ornaments each year. And Vika and Eamon made me two ornaments a couple of years ago. So opening each little package brings back a memory which makes decorating the tree special. Tiring, but special.

And all my fake poinsetta is in place! Jenni goes nuts when she see all of it - I think it gives her a rash or something. But I love it.

I think the vacuuming is over so I can safely leave this room now. Bye, bye/.

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