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Saturday, December 12, 2009

My Babushka Tote

I love the Internet - actually all things high tech. But mainly the Internet. In addition to having more information than I could ever want or need, it has given me an avenue of communication that has totally enriched my life.

Like my cousin, Cookie. I did a blog post about her in 2008. She and I spent a lot of time together when we were growing up, then lost touch and only saw each other occasionally at family funerals. Not as morbid as it sounds - they always say Italian funerals are like Italian weddings but with one less person. Then last year we reconnected - first by phone and primarily via my blog, Facebook, and email. It's become a relationship that I cherish and would probably not have were it not for the Internet (I'm not much of a phone person and haven't hand-written a letter since the invention of the keyboard!).

Yesterday, I received the coolest gift from Cookie. Apparently she got a new embroidery machine and thought of me because she wanted to try a non-traditional name. First of all I LOVE any kind of tote bag. Second, it's personalized!! Here's the result.

How cool is that? Thanks, Cookie! A very special gift that I will use for a long time. Love you, Cousin.


ba and the boys said...

that is the COOLEST! i bet you will wear that bag out!

Anonymous said...

thanks for your post about me. I went to my first class today for
some sewing tricks without curse
words. It was fun.

Jenni said...

That is a great tote!