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Thursday, April 15, 2010

First Day in France

Well, we made it to Milan and then drove to France. Long drive, but nice. One small glitch is that Ed accidentally put regular gas in the diesel engine which is definitely not good. But we're getting that taken care of.

When we arrived in Chateaurenard, we found Jean-Claude (or rather, he had to find us on a corner) and met his mother. It was so wonderful meeting this cousin who we had been communicating with. His mother is 84 years old and still very active - she even cooked dinner for us. They are such warm, loving people. Here's a photo of Jean-Claude and his mom on the couch with my Aunt and me.

Dinner was veal cooked in wine with olives and mushrooms. Started with a salad with incredible olive oil, goat cheese, crusty bread. Then a platter of cheeses with the veal. Fruit and home-made cake for dessert. Plus wine and champagne. So much better than airplane food! We were stuffed, but happy. And slept like logs.

Today we're going to visit Orgon where my grandfather was born, and a few other spots Jean-Claude wants to show us. Plus a visit to the Farmacia to pick up some real sized toiletries instead of my legal travel-sized crap.

Au revoir!!


ba and the boys said...

the food alone would be to die for! but you are so blessed to have met family! enjoy every minute!
and dont let ed pump anymore gas!

Desert Diva said...

Poor Ed - we both must have gotten that "duh" gene because that's something that I would do.

The food sounds delicious and I'm so happy that you and Ed are sharing this "once in a lifetime" experience.

enjoy, Enjoy, ENJOY! :-)

Jenni said...

Glad you guys made it safely and are having fun out there! It's so cool that you have made this connection with Jean-Claude and get to learn more about our family's history.