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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Happy Birthday to you, dear Eddie........

Monday was Flay Day. It was also my husband, Ed's, birthday! I can't tell you how old he is because he's not happy about the number getting bigger each year. Senior discounts be damned! But since I'm a year older than him (yes, I'm a cradle robber), I can tease him about his advancing age with no remorse.

We gave each other nice parties for our 60th birthdays, but now we keep them low key. A few calls and maybe gifts from the kids and other family members and that's about it. Which is a good thing. I even finally got him to agree that we don't need to buy each other presents for our birthdays - that took about 6 years to convince him of that! I mean, we have pretty much everything we need and I'd rather we spend the money on a nice dinner out or a trip somewhere.

Ed and I met in late 1999 so this is our 11th year of celebrating birthdays together. We've gone through so much in our short time as a couple - the death of three parents, the addition of 11 grandkids to the family, the weddings of three of our kids. Not to mention numerous trips to various places - we're great travel buddies! Sometimes we talk about all those special times in our past that we wish we had been able to share with each other. But we've had 11 great years and plan on living until we're at least 90!

So Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband. And here's to many more years together traveling, enjoying our family, and sharing our lives. I love you.


the thrifty ba said...

you should have given him that shirt about praying for him since his wife was italian for his birthday!
thanks eddie for making sandi happy!

Mellodee said...

Happy Birthday to Ed!

namaste said...

happy belated birthday, eddie. that's a very handsome pic of you!