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Friday, July 9, 2010

Do you know this man??

As you know, my Aunt Mary passed away at the beginning of June. The family is having a memorial service in Tucson this weekend and my daughter, Jenni, said she would do a video for them to show at the service. Jenni does an incredible job with these videos - she's made several of them for memorials and birthdays and special occasions. This one had three parts - my aunt growing up, my aunt and uncle together, and the last section called "a la famiglia" which had a lot of old family photos of grandparents, cousins, etc. I keep telling her she should market herself, but, alas.....

Anyway, back to the story. My cousin found a lot of old family photos while he was going through his mom's things. He had them scanned and sent us a dvd for the video. I went through the photos before I gave them to Jenni and added several of my own. One of the photos Ken had sent was of an old man -looked like an old Italian fisherman.

When Jenni was going through the photos, she called me to ask who the old man was. I said I wasn't sure, but I thought (and assumed) it was Ken's grandfather. He had died when Ken and I were only 2 or 3 so I hadn't seen pictures of him. But his face looked similar to my uncle so it was a safe bet. Besides, Ken put it on his dvd so it had to be a relative!

Jenni finished the dvd, we watched it (and cried) and then I sent it to Ken. He called me the other night after he watched and I could tell that it had gotten to him, too. Through a stuffy nose he told me how much he loved it, how he had forgotten how beautiful his mom, my mon (they were sisters) and my grandmother were. We laughed about some of the photos of he and I as kids with our moms. Then we had this conversation:

Ken: Sandi, who is that old guy in the "a la famiglia" portion of the dvd?

That's your grandfather, isn't it?

Ken: No, I don't think so. All the photos of Grandpa Frank I've seen he was dressed in a suit. He died when I was little so I don't remember him, but I don't think he looked like that.

Me: Well, Ken, you had that photo on the dvd you sent us so we assumed it was your grandfather.

Ken: Hmm, wonder where that came from. I don't remember seeing it or scanning it. Where did you get it??

Me: Oh, for pete's sake, you sent it to us! See if anyone at the memorial or any of your relatives from Chicago recognize him. Since family always seem to come out of the woodwork at Italian weddings, he may have just been a passerby who had his photo taken! But why would your mom have the photo in her album?

Ken: Heck if I know. Oh, well, he looks like family so we'll just keep quiet about it.

So, if you know who this man is, let me know! Hey, maybe it's one of ba's relatives!


Mellodee said...

A mystery! How cool!! A grandmother's first love?? Somebody's third uncle once removed??? The mailman???? Uncle Luigi, the black sheep of the family that was banned from the family for his nefarious activities???? Ohhhh, the possibilities are endless!!

(Just for the record, I don't know him!!)

ba and the boys said...

im going to look thru my shoebox right now and see if he is in there! interesting story...

Jenni said...

I'd also like to know what the heck happened to his arm. A fishing accident, perhaps?

namaste said...

aren't real life family mysteries cool? my condolences to you about aunt mary. (((hugs!)))