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Monday, August 16, 2010

Raindrops keep fallin' on my head...

Reminds you of a great scene on a bicycle in Butch Cassidy, right? Well we had a scene with bicycles last weekend but it wasn't quite so charming.

As we were reading our paper on Sunday morning, Ed saw an ad for bikes at Target and got all excited. He decided we needed to go there and buy them! Now, we have bikes, but he said that these were mountain bikes with wider tires which would be easier to ride which means that we might actually take a bike ride some day!

I vaguely remembered my bike and truly couldn't tell the difference. I bought it about 12 years ago and paid quite a bit for it. And when we moved in together we thought it was so cute (Kismet) that we had bikes that were the same color. But Ed said they weren't mountain bikes. I asked what we would do with our old bikes but he didn't have that answer just yet.

So Monday we took both of our cars to Target to get the bikes. Found them in the bike department (clever, eh?) and had the staff person help us get them down. Then we pushed them through the store, checked out, pushed them to our cars, and with just a little struggling managed to get them into the cars. Drove home, another little struggle getting them out of the cars, and there they were. All shiny and new sitting in the garage. Yep, now we'll be bike riding all over the place.

Ed decided to find a place for them and take the old bikes out so we could give them to someone. He opened the door of one of our sheds and suddenly I heard, "Well, shit!" He was looking inside the shed at our matching bikes which, as luck would have it, were mountain bikes! Apparently when you don't ride your bike for 8 years you forget what it looks like.

Tuesday we again struggled to put the bikes back into the cars and take them to Target. Get them out, push them into the store, and head for the return desk. Ed absolutely HATES returning things, but this time I decided to let him handle it. The clerk noticed that we had only been the proud owners for less than 24 hours so he asked Ed, "Anything wrong with the bikes?" Ed simply replied, "They just didn't work out for us." They man looked at me like WTF does that mean, but then he rang us up, moved the bikes, and we hustled out of the store.

Now I guess we're going to have to go bike riding.


Mellodee said...

Oh I wouldn't count on it!! If you come up with a few really good 'reasons why you can't go bike riding today', by the time you run out of reasons, he'll probably move on to something else.

(At least that's what Mike would do. For him its all about buying stuff....using it never crosses his mind!)

Of course, there is the danger that the something else will be even worse!!

Jet Skis, matching weight lifting equipment, motorcycles, BUNGEE JUMPING????

Maybe you should rethink that bike thing. LOL!!

Mellodee said...

Oh by the way, it's actually "Raindrops keep falling on my head...."

Sheesh! :)

ba and the boys said...

thanks-im still singing that song!
oh if i lives somewhere flat id so ride a bike! (that is my excuse until we move somewhere flat...)

Luz said...

Priceless! Happy mountain bike riding! ;-)