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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Leader of the Pack

We're moving to a new house in Livermore in a month or so.  Being the OCD types that Ed and I are, we started packing a couple of weeks ago so now our current home is filled with boxes.  Very carefully labeled boxes, to be sure.  But boxes none the less.  And there is a distinct echo in the living room with so much empty space.

Ed moved to this house in 1999 and I joined him in 2000.  We merged two households which lead to the immediate construction of a 6x14 shed in one of the side yards.  It's full.  As is the garage and three other sheds we've managed to acquire.  My kids constantly deride us for having so many sheds, but we will be getting rid of a few of them.  Promise.

So part of this packing process has also been a weeding process.  We don't need two of everything.  Many of the items we have we don't even need one of!  Yesterday in packing some of the upper shelves in the kitchen (the ones that I can't reach so I have no idea what is up there) we discovered all kinds of really nice stuff that I had no idea we had.  Most of which we've never used.  So it was added to the "garage sale" box that we started in December.  Basically this is all the stuff we have that is still in good condition, but we don't want to pack and move it.  For instance we have this lovely soup tureen.  Don't know why.  I vaguely remember thinking that I had to have one and someone gave it to me as a gift.  Never used!  So now it lives in my daughter's home and her husband (who loves to cook) will use it quite a bit, I'm sure.  They also took the set of bowls in the second photo - Ed added his hand to give them "perspective" on the size of the bowls.  Don't ask.

We have started a traveling "garage sale" show with our kids.  Send photos of specific items, take boxes of stuff to their homes for them to go through or to a central location for them to come by and peek.  Managed to get rid of a lot of items this way and the rest goes to charity.

The sound of tape and the smell of boxes is starting to make me anxious.  I know from moves past that you always feel like you have a handle on it during the first phase of packing.  Then the proverbial shit hits the fan and you enter panic and "no more packing!!" mode.

That should happen about mid-February...........

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namaste said...

i love the bowls in the second picture. (nice hand, ed) it's a pity you live so far. i used to love going to garage sales, but no longer have the patience for sifting through some of the not so interesting stuff. you guys sound super organized! congratulations on your new home! :-)