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Thursday, March 22, 2007


You know you're getting old when you receive a letter, with a coupon for a free hearing test, that states:

"You have received this invitation today because you best represent the segment of the population which is most likely to experience hearing loss in the near future....." !!!!!!!!

What a lovely thing to find after a hard day at work! This is right up there with the letter I received from my physician after I went in for some back pain. That one referred to my back pain and loss of some flexibility as "expected minor changes......" !!!!!

Hold on! I didn't expect it! In my mind I'm still 35!!!

Huh? Whadya say?!?!

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Arlene said...

If that's not a moral drainer I don't know what is!! If it makes you feel any better, I've lost part of the hearing in both of my ears and I'm only 26 :-) Lots of ear infections as a child!!