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Friday, March 23, 2007

Have Gnome, Will Travel

When my mother-in-law was sick in January, my daughter, Jenni, bought my husband, Ed, a little travel gnome to make him smile. For some reason, Ed likes gnomes! I bought him one for the yard a year or so ago, but it has never been outside - instead it has a special place in our living room next to the big screen tv! So the little travel gnome seemed like a fitting companion.

He's been to Disneyland with us. After a Danish and a Latte, he was ready to roll! Favorite spot was Fantasyland. But he also loved the Matterhorn - reminded him of his childhood.

Last week he joined us in Las Vegas, and then out to Chicago to visit my dad. Lots of excitement at the airport when he found the two airports on our breakfast table!!

Later he joined my dad and me for hot fudge sundaes at Oberweis Dairy. Now we just need to find a name for him - "travel gnome" sounds so impersonal!


Jenni said...

How about "Norbert?" Or should that be spelled, "Gnorbert"?

Sandi said...

I love it! Gnorbert, it is!!

Arlene said...

This is supposed to be the Russian name for gnomes: Domovoi Djedoesjka. Kinda long, but I like Domovoi :-)

Jenni said...

I just ordered a little gnome for myself. I think I'll call him Gnicholas (Gnick for short). Although, Domovoi is quite cute too.