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Friday, March 30, 2007

Mommy, look what I made!!

A woman I work with, who recently got engaged, was having lunch with her friend and noticed that the friend had an enormous ring with a huge diamond in the center surrounded by other large diamonds! Noticing the wide-eyed stare, the friend said, "Don't get too excited, my son bought this for me with his allowance and I have to wear it!"

Every woman with children knows the drill - they make it - you wear it!! Out in public and proudly!! When my sister, Pat, was in kindergarten, she made some jewelry for my mom. It was bright turquoise. Made out of heavy clay. A brooch (which my sister called a "roach"), and a necklace with several beads. Each round bead was the size of a ping pong ball. Did I mention there were a lot of them?!? We had company that night and Pat wanted Mom to wear the jewelry for her guests. Which, of course, she did. Problem was, the necklace was so heavy Mom could barely lift her head! It made ligature marks in the back of her neck! She was walking around like Quasimodo!! And the "roach" almost ripped a hole in her dress because of it's weight! Ah, good times........

One of my kids made me a necklace. But mine was very light and delicate. Made from paper clips.... All hooked together..... I tried to wear it, but the danged clips kept catching on the little hairs on the back of my neck and pinching! The kids finally took pity on me and let me remove their creation. Of course, as I pulled it over my head, the clips got caught in my hair and I did fear - for a brief time - that it would become permanently entangled! Somehow I managed to escape without permanent injury!!

Ah, you young mothers - just you wait!!!


Arlene said...

My daughter is seriously the arts and crafts queen!!! I've got her convinced other people need her creations much more than I, because I get to help her and watch her make them, so I've already enjoyed them :-) See, I've got a science! Now, this isn't to say I don't have things hanging from my rear view mirror, hung on my fridge, hanging on the walls, all over my cube at work, and stuck in many drawers and storage containers! 'Cause I do, from both of them :-) But it's a perk to being a mommy!

Sandi said...

Arlene - I totally agree about the "perk". I still have Jenni's artwork hanging in various places in my house!