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Sunday, May 6, 2007

My Son's Getting Married!

Well, today is my son's wedding day. It's an interesting thing watching your children grow up and become adults. A majority of the most joyful moments in my life involved my kids and I guess, in some ways, they will always be my "babies." But now they're grown. Jenni (Joe's twin sister) has two kids and just celebrated her 5th wedding anniversary. And today Joe gets married.

This is our first group picture when the babies were two days old.

He was such a sweet, if sometimes challenging, little boy. Jenni and I had our hands full raising him!

He often had this befuddled look on his face, but he was a happy little kid.

Joe went through the usual teen angst, but neither of my kids gave me much worry as teens and we managed to survive those years quite well. Here he is at the age of 17 or 18 with Jenni's cat, Toby.
Below is my kids on their 27th birthday, and a picture of Joe with his best man at the rehearsal dinner last Thursday.

I'm sure I'll shed a lot of tears today. Many of them will be tears of meloncholy remembering and missing the days when the three of us lived together and built so many special memories. But most of them will be tears of joy that Joe has found someone he loves so much, and that their future looks so bright.

Happy Wedding Day, Joe!!!!


Catheroo said...

Oh, that first group photo is adorable. They were SO tiny!

I hope Joe's wedding was wonderful!

Jenni said...

IT was a happy wedding day. It's so strange to think that my brother is a HUSBAND! :)

Desert Diva said...

What a wonderful photo of you with the twins. I'm sure that Joe and his bride will be very happy!

Arlene said...

I can't believe someday my kids will be all grown up and married too!!!
The pic of you guys in the hospital is soooo cute!!!