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Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Nose Knows

This one is courtesy of Fleur de Lisa who got it from Groovy Holly about the power of scents and their impact us.

Throughout childhood and even adulthood certain people always smelled different to us, what scents remind you of a loved one?
My mother wore Emeraude and Intimate which I'm not sure even exist anymore. But growing up those two smells always meant mom was going somewhere and I loved to watch her put on her makeup and get all "gussied" up. Cigarette smoke reminds me of my dad - which is sad considering what they've done to his health. Deep rich spaghetti sauce reminds me of my grandfather who was the family cook and made the type of sauce that cooks all day and you could smell the wonderful aroma from the front porch.

Are there any scents that remind you of a special place or time in your life?
Orange blossoms. My favorite time of year in Tucson was the ONE week of Spring. When I was a child and a young adult, the smell of orange blossoms seemed to be everywhere. And they will always remind me of my first love, Jim, and that magic time in my life when I was in college he and I had our all-too-brief relationship. To this day, the smell of any type of citrus blossom transports me back to a very special time and place.

What are some comforting smells for you?
The first one is the small of laundry detergent when the washing machine is in action. As a kid, I always loved this smell because it meant mom was home and didn't have to work or shop today and we could just hang out around the house. Felt very safe. The other comforting smell is Harvest Spice or any type of fall candle. I love Fall and the candles remind me that soon we can light the fireplace, and the weather will be darker and cooler at night so I can use my electric mattress pad and drinks lots of hot tea. Last, but definitely not least, the smell of rain in Tucson. I can't describe it, but it lifts my soul.

Do you use any form of aromatherapy in your home or throughout the day?
Just the various scented candles I buy. Harvest scents for Fall, cinammon for Christmas, Citrus for spring and summer. Oh, and my husband's aftershave in the morning. That's a wonderful and comforting smell.

If you had to describe yourself as a scent (or combination), what scents would you be?
Orange blossoms and harvest spice.


ira said...

cant describe mumma's smell. But its a very unique one. Not a perfume that she uses..its her smell..
English Lather reminds me of pa..
Anant (my BF) again, no scent..just his smell..which i smetimes can smell in the sirt..or if i enter a room..
I'm definitely "lemon". I'm crazy about the essence of lime..!

Scoobers said...

It's funny how smells can transport us back to childhood and adolescence and first loves.

Tucson rain will always be my favorite. It's like no other.

Halfmexican Mama said...

Moth Balls...remind me of a former neighborlady that was 172 years old. God Rest her soul.

Fleur de Lisa said...

I love the smell of orange blossoms. I used to smell them all of the time when I lived in Southern California. There's just nothing like it!

Desert Diva said...

OK, I'm going to do this and post it on my blog. "Smells" are very important to me...

holly said...

I loved your answers too! Thanks for playing along. Cigarette smoke reminds me of my Oma and Opa too, they're house was always thick with it.

Anonymous said...
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