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Saturday, January 5, 2008

New stuff for an old broad

This is quite the old-dog-learning-new-tricks type of weekend for me. At work I got my new Treo 750 on Friday afternoon and had to quickly find and install the link to access my e-mail and contacts. Since they had already turned off my previous phone, I had to get this all done within about an hour as we were having a mini-hurricane and I was trying to go home. Plus the new Treo has really small print so I was having a devil of a time seeing everything. Finally got the main part done and spent a couple of hours personalizingthe phone when I got home - including finding the magical "make text larger" button!

Today Ed hooked up my new home computer. I decided since I was retiring, this may be the last one I can buy for awhile so I made sure I got everything I wanted. When I was ordering it online, I would include some pricey item and Ed would say, "Are you sure you need that?" A couple of glares later he stopped asking. Of course, it has Vista which is another learning experience. Took 20 minutes just to figure out how to get my clock gadget back after I accidentally uninstalled it. And another stressful few minutes looking for the dang print icon in Word so I could test the printer! There were a gazillion icone and tabs, but no little tiny printer! Luckily Ed has Vista at work and has already agonized through some of these issues so he showed me where it was. Hidden in the upper corner under another icon!

Good thing is I got a 19" monitor with this computer so at least I can see things.

Now I'm into personalizing the desktop and all those fun things. Then I have to transfer files. It was sunny this morning but now it's starting to cloud up so I'm hoping for more rain this afternoon. That would make it a perfect Learn A New Computer Day - don't you think!


Just Laura said...

Enjoy your new electronic toys and you'll get the hang of them very soon. Jerry hooked up our new office computer before he left and it also has Vista. Have fun on your rainy day - I just hope it makes its way to AZ. =)

Wendy said...

I hate having to learn new electronics! I have a bunch of reading to do to learn how to work my new camera and get my lap top hooked up so it will be wireless. I don't have time for all of that! I have blogging to do!

Desert Diva said...

I almost bought a Treo when I replaced my mobile phone recently. Wow, a new computer - have fun learning the "in's and out's!"

Fleur de Lisa said...

I hated Vista so much that I refused to buy another PC. I finally went Mac and have been very happy. I swore I never would, but it's been great.

I hope you enjoy your new toy!