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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Of falling shrimp and things

Ed and I have been trying to lose weight over the past couple of months and actually have done fairly well (he's lost 14, I've lost 12). Last night we had pasta leftovers from a restaurant for dinner. Very good, very fattening. As I was rinsing the remaining oil off the plates, I decided that tonight we would have a nice big salad with some grilled shrimp on top. As Ed walked into the kitchen I pointed to the bottom freezer in our refrigerator. Or at least I thought I did.

Me: Can you look down there and see if there is any shrimp? [seemed like a simple enough request]

Ed (looking at me quizzically): Okay

At this point he turns on the overhead light in the kitchen, gets down on his hands and knees and starts peering under the cabinets saying, "Here, little shrimp."

Me: What the heck are you doing?
Ed: Looking for the shrimp.
Me: On the floor?!?!?
Ed: Isn't that where you dropped it?
Me: Dropped what?! I wanted you to look in the freezer to see if we have any shrimp!
Ed: What?!? I thought a piece of shrimp fell off a plate while you were rinsing them and you wanted me to find it.

Because, of course, if food fell off a plate I would call to Ed to come and find it - being a woman and all. I had forgotten that there was some baby shrimp in one of the pastas - Ed obviously remembered. So in his mind, a piece had fallen off the plate and somehow slid clear across the kitchen and nestled itself under the cabinet.

Once we both stopped laughing, he did open the freezer. Now, with Ed, it's not a simple task of yes or no on the shrimp question.

Ed: Did you know we have some frozen edamame in here?
Me: Yes, just leave it there and look for the shrimp.
Ed: Why do we have so much corn?
Me: I don't know! Do we have any shrimp?
Ed: Don't see any, but did you know we have frozen artichoke hearts? And do we still need to keep this cranberry sauce?
Me: YES! This is not the time to play clean-the-freezer. If there's no shrimp, pull out the crab meat and the edamame and put them in the refrigerator so they can defrost.
Ed: Okay. Hey, here's the rest of that meatloaf we made. And we need to take this bread out and use it. I'll just straighten up this section real quick.

Oh, it turns out we did have some frozen shrimp. He had taken it out initially in his haste to pitch my cranberry sauce and then forgot about it.

Thank goodness wine is still in our diet plan!


namaste said...

LOL!! oh sandi, surely you think of me as you write some of these post. you must say something like, oh maria's gonna like this one. this was SUCH a great shrimp story! ed is so funny! i love when my hubby intentionally clowns with me cuz he's usually on the serious and quiet side with other ppl. you and ed are a crack up! *giggle*



Sandi said...

Maria - thanks for the kudos! I actually do think of you and hope you'll get a laugh out of some of these Ed stories. Thanks!

The Kept Woman said...

I've learned that asking my husband to do anything results in more trouble than it's usually worth.

Congrats to you both for changing your lifestyle and being healthier! The weight-loss is a definite perk too!!!!

ira said...

you're so so funny! :)
and ed too!
Oh! I'm trying to lose weight too! Tried the GM diet!(Google it)
It works and its very very healthy!

Nikki said...

I love that your husbands name is ED...it sounds so sitcom-is! I feel like I could be watching an episode of Lucy and Desi...my husband and I are on a low carb diet and past sounds pretty good right about now. I may send him to floor to look for some shrimp he is so grumpy with no sugar and all! a hilarious post. I hope you have a great memorial day weekend and appreciate your great posts and have enjoyed your comments on my blog. Happy Memorial Day! be safe! :)N

judypatooote said...

It does sound like your living a sit com....LOL....and great job loosing the weight and getting healthy.....I want to do that so bad, but I am not doing so well... I went to the farmers market twice this week end because it was flower day, but I came home with two loaves of bread both times...and NO flowers....now that is just asking for trouble....and by the way your Ed sounds like a real GEM..... judy