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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

What the heck

An interesting thing happened to me this morning. While on the treadmill, I watched a movie (North Country) where Woody Harrelson was actually a likeable person! Who knew!

So, yesterday I was supposed to meet a friend up in San Francisco for lunch. She moved out of the Bay Area a couple of years ago and is moving back in December. This trip was to find an apartment, etc. I didn't want to drive up there because it would take 90 minutes mid-day and cost a million bucks in gas. So I decided to take BART. Not having taken BART in several years, I had no idea how popular it had become. Drove around the parking lot for 20 minutes and couldn't find one single spot to park in. So I called my friend and told her I wasn't going to make it - we'd get together the next time she's in town and I'll have someone drive me to the BART station. We caught up a bit on the phone, but I was bummed. So I decided to go to Target and Pier One for therapy.

Pier One has their Harvest Spice candles back!!!! If any of you are Pier One junkies, you'll appreciate this. That is my favorite scent and I was like a kid at Disneyland - only without the mouse ears.

So I bought some Fall stuff and did a masterful job of avoiding Cost Plus and Michaels. I really need to check out the 18 boxes of Fall decorations I have before I buy more. At least that's what Ed says!!

Then I decided to have lunch. I had my book with me anticipating a quiet BART ride. So I wanted a place to have a quick, inexpensive lunch where I could read. Not so easy. Went to one Deli only to find a lot of strange noodles and what I think were sandwiches. Bailed. Most fast food places are just too noisy and greasy for me. Tried the Starbucks, but they were all out of salads and sandwiches. Decided to go to a Taco Bell around the corner. It's been closed down. After driving around for another 20 minutes I finally landed at a different Starbucks and got a dry sandwich and an iced coffee.

2 1/2 hours after I left the office I returned with my coffee and a couple of candles. Big whoop. Here's hoping today is a bit more interesting!


Desert Diva said...

Did someone say "candles?" ;-) I'm glad you at least got something good out of your trip!

Tuesday is "Ross" day - an extra 10% off for anyone over 55. Guess what - Pier One is in the same strip mall.

Note to self: Stop and cruise Ross and then Pier One after work today!

Nikki said...

Sandi I LOVE fall...I have so many fall decorations and still every year I hit the stores to get more! I am going staight to Pier One to get that candle it sounds divine! HOORAY FOR PUMPKINS! :)N