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Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Bug's Life

Between all our trips, we did manage to do some yard work. While poking around my herb garden, I came across these beauties on the Italian Parsley. I'm sure they do bad things to plants, but aren't they just the cutest little bugs?!?!?

I wish they had been here the week before when my grandkids were helping us outside - they would have loved these things. We found three of them (bugs, not grandkids) after looking through the parsley a bit more closely. Didn't have the heart to destroy them. So we plucked the occupied leaves and put them together on the gravel. I suggested that they "chat" and discuss what they were planning to do to our plant and maybe rethink it.

Probably need to go out there and see if they took my sdvice.


namaste said...

too cute. i see you have yet another talent here, sandi. you've captured some crisp phots here.


Desert Diva said...

Those are some colorful bugs!

Jenni said...

Those look like Monarch Butterfly larvae. And with the big migration site so close by, I wouldn't be surprised.